Sapphire, the Swordswoman
Season 1, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date When you're reading this.
Written by The Doctor Of Awesomeness
Directed by The Doctor Of Awesomeness
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"Day One" "Multivergence"
"Sapphire, the Swordswoman" is the second episode of the first season in Enchanted Gems, and the second episode overall.


When Sapphire retreats to her gemstone, the Gems must cope without her.


  • [Opens to a scene in Sapphire's room with Onyx, who has stabbed Sapphire with a sword]

Onyx: I win!

Sapphire: (retreats to her gemstone)

Onyx: Was that supposed to happen?

Star Sapphire: No, you idiot! You just killed Sapphire!

Onyx: Killed her?

Ruby: No, she's only joking, and would you please quit that? Its a little insensitive.

Star Sapphire: Well, sorry. (leaves)

Ruby: Anyway, as Enchanted Gems, we model our base forms after a basic human structure. Explaining why we can easily succumb to our wounds.

Onyx: I don't understand.

Emerald: What do you mean you don't-

Ruby: Emerald, didn't we talk about this before?

Emerald: He's gotta learn somehow. (leaves)

Ruby: You see, Onyx, since your original body was modified to become a Gem, your powers are limited. We're trying to protect you, we don't want you to get hurt.

Onyx: By who, though?

Ruby: Your modifier? I wish I could tell you....

Citrine: You were modified by the-

Ruby: Citrine, he's not ready.

Citrine: Fine, but why are you so worried about him? Instead of me?

Ruby: You're perfectly capable of taking care of yourself.

Pyromorphite: (snickers)

Citrine: What?

Pyromorphite: Nothing.

  • [Cuts to a scene in Onyx's room]




  • This is the last time Sapphire is seen.

Production Notes


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