The SBF Fandom is Spongebobfan123's fandom. In this fandom, episodes will follow the events of Peridot (Canon) and Lapis Lazuli (Canon)'s transition to being Crystal Gems. There will also be a few other random episodes.

Main Characters

  • Garnet
  • Pearl
  • Amethyst
  • Steven
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Peridot


Season 1

  • Frenemy - Steven finds Peridot hiding and talks to her.
  • Welcome Aboard - The Crystal Gems are shocked to find Lapis and Peridot on a stretch of beach.
  • A New Home - Peridot and Lapis settle in the Temple.
  • Fun at Funland - Peridot and Lapis spend a day at Funland.
  • Broken Memories - A flashback episode of when Peridot was called to work by Yellow Diamond.
  • TBA
  • Return to Keystone - When Peridot and Lapis get into a fight, Steven thinks that taking them to Keystone Motel will help fix things.
  • Fusion Practice- Upon learning that Peridot has never fused before, Steven is determined to get Lapis and Peridot to fuse.
  • TBA
  • TBA

Season 2

  • TBA
  • Alien Attraction - Ronaldo falls head over heels for Peridot much to her dismay. Also, he thinks she's a intergalactic alien warrior.

Season 3

  • Hazy Hook-Up - Peridot and Lapis have a human stay over for a night, but Peridot finds herself becoming attached.
  • TBA

Main Differences

  • Steven is shown to have more control over summoning his shield.
  • Peridot is reveled to have been just recently created and therefore is very young.
  • Lapis is freed from the ocean and is living with the gems.
  • Peridot, having been abandoned by Yellow Diamond, also reluctantly joins the gems.
  • Pearl and Amethyst seem to fight less implying Pearlmethyst
  • Lapidot is canon as well.
  • Yellowdot is confirmed in a flashback episode, but it is one sided.

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