The Rescue:Ruby and the others must rescue the 2 lost gems Turquoise And Amazonite But they will have to accomplish some quests

The suspicious Gem:Ruby And Diamond Discover A Unknown Gem And they spy on her to see if she has evil plans

The Incident:Obsidian the mailman Calls Ruby,Topaz And diamond To see a tragic incident that happened in the fire kingdom

The Reward:After Ruby,Diamond And Topaz Register in a gem battle competition to get a reward they have to make sure that theyre one of the winners

And A New Mini Series called Icy Fire

icy fire episodes:

The Meeting: After Topaz Creates a Portal to another dimention they meet 3 uknown gems wich are named Sapphire,Onix And Emerald.

sapphires rival: ruby falls in love with pearl but unkown to him she is dateing sapphire wich causes some huge probloms

(Well im out of ideas for episodes stay turned for more peisodes information and for the realise date of Ruby's Universe/Legend Of Sapphire/Onix/Emerald crossover.)

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