• Has a Ruby On His Chest 
  • Wears a red suit that has a star on it's chest
  • Has White Eyes And Red Pupils 
  • Has White Human Skin Like Rose 
  • Has Red Pointy Hair 



Like all Gems, Ruby can shape-shift, summon a weapon, fuse, and retreat to his gemstone to regenerate.

Unique Abilities


  • Has a red sword that looks like shulks monado from xenoverse that can also launch fire waves and brust in flames that is hanged on his back
  • His Weapond Is A Shield Like Roses But it has his facet on the center and its red 


Rose Quartz (sister) Blue Diamond (brother) Topaz (Brother) Pearl (Girlfriend)


  • Fire Opal = Ruby + Pearl (canon)
  • Garnet = Ruby + Sapphire (vulture King)


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