This is the 32nd episode in the Legend of Sapphire series.


when dragon opal gets to strong for the gems sapphire results to desperat messures to stop her and her sentinals


the episode begins with steven and lapis walking out of the beach city movie theater after seeing a movie together. the two were laughing sence the movie was so funny and soon lapis began to hold stevens hand. she sead that it was a wonderful time they spent together makeing steven give off a light blush. the two begin to walk back to the beach house so they can see the gems but sudenly there was the sounds of jets comeing from the sky. they both looked up into the air and see one of dragon opals ships decending from the skys knowing that the gems were in great danger. lapis summoned her wings and lifed steven up as they flew back to the beach. they see garnet, amethyst, pearl, onix, sapphire, emerald, charoite, peridot, jasper, and lepidolite in there dragon forms as well as rose and carnelian joining the fight. they reach the beach as the ship finaly desends to the ground and when the ahtch opened from the ship dragon opal came out. garnet told her to leave this planet at once but dragon opal just gave a sinister grin and pressed the button of a small device in her hand. sudenly the ground began to shake and something began to apear from the water. it was one of her dragon sentianals improved for battle sence the last fight and sudenly nine more began to come out of the water makeing the gems realize that they were seriously out numbered for battle. dragon opal then comanded the sentinalys to kill them all but she also told them not to harm steven but instead capture him. the sentinals began there attack by chargeing to the beach ready to distroy the gems and to catch steven for dragon opal. sapphire knew that they would need some back up in order to take down this wave of sentinals however there was only one gem he could think of. he knew it would be a bad idea in his heart but with this much danger comeing from dragon opal it wasnt like he had a choice. sapphire told the gems to hold off the sentinals saying that he is going to get some backup for this battle. onix told him to be quick sence they wont be able to hold them off that long. sapphire ran into the house and quickly jumped on the warp pad and arived at the temple of the phoenix were he would be able to resurect the fire gem ruby.

sapphire wasnt verry confertable sence this place was prety much a temple filled with lava and fire but if it would put an end to dragon opal he is willing to do what ever it takes. he aproched a massive statue by the entrance of a phoenix and its mouth was open as if something was to be placed inside. sapphire looked at the wall of the temple and noticed a torch on the wall. he ran over and picked up the torch then carried it back to the statue of the phoenix and threw it at its beak. the torches fire went into the mouth of the phoenix statue and soon it shot fire from it and its wings cought on fire. the statue was sourounded in a massive inferno and soon the main doors opened from the phoenix fire. sapphire carfuly walked through the doors and entered a room with a phoenix statue sourounded by a pit of lava. there was a small book on a pedistol in front of the pheonix wich sapphire walked up to. it was an anchent gem text that sead that those who bless the fires of the phoenix shall raise there own phoenix from the flames of death. sapphire though of what it ment and he noticed a text about sacred fire meaning that he had to take this fire and put it into the fire pit were the phoenix statue was in order to be able to resurect ruby from the dead. one of the gates opened in the temple that would lead sapphire to the sacred fire that the book was talking about. he entered through the gate and found a room with suits of armor sourounding the room. as he walked further into the room the suits of armor cought on fire and began to move. they then summoned fire based weapons for battle as they then charged at sapphire. sapphire knew he had to be careful sence he knew what kind of damage the knights can do with there fire weapons so he quickly drawed his sword and began evadeing that attacks. the attacks from the knights were not that fast so it was easy for sapphire to dodge the attacks. the then managed to slice up the knights that tried to attack him leaveing there armor in ruins on the ground. the door at the other end of the room opened for sapphire sence he was able to distroy the knights so he walked through the door to continue his quest.

he aproched a room with a long wide coridor with a large statue of a phoenix with its wings spread and at the other end a large phoenix built into the wall. sapphire looked around to see if there was anything that needed to be done but sudenly from the phoenix built into the wall released a massive wave of fire down the coridor . sapphire worried that he would be burned however when the wave of fire reached him the statue of the phoenix protected him from the fire. sapphire then noticed repeating waves of fire blasting down the coridor but he knew that as long as he was behind the statue he would be safe from any harm. he then tried to push the statue wich he managed to do so he could be able to make it down the hall. he pushed it slowly and he managed to use the statue to protect him however inferno nights apeared prepared to fight agenst sapphire. he quickly stoped pushing and drawed his sword for battle to stop them but they were to powerful for his sword. so he summoned his ice scythe and slashed them to bits with his powers of the scythe. he continue to push the statue till he finaly got to the other end of the coridor were suddenly the waves of fire stop. he climbed up the statue and reached to its top were he found a door located in front of him.he hoped from the top of the statue and went into the door were he found a small fire pit with blue fire in it. there was also a few statues of the phoenix around it giveing sapphire the idea that this was the sacred fire that would resurect ruby. there was a a torch on the wall that he grabed then blew out the fire that was on it then stuck the torch in the blue flames. he took the torch out and saw the beauty of the fire that was on it then moved out of the room. he began to walk down the coridor staying behind the stone statue so he wouldnt get burned but when one of the fire waves hit the statue it broke it causeing sapphire to be un protected. a wave of fire was aproching behind him so sapphire ran with all of his might to make it to the other end to avoid being hit. he made it to the end of the coridor and went down the hall back to the phoenix room and avoided being burned. he walked back to the phoenix statue sourounded by the pit of fire and threw the torch into it. he then went back to the book on the pedistol to see what else had to be done. the book sayed that only by a memory can there be true resurection. sapphire knew that he had to throw something that reminded him of ruby in order to bring her back from the dead. he took out a necklace that he had when ruby and sapphire were together and threw it into the lava pit. sudenly the phoenix statue began to be sourounded in fire and blasted a burst of flames onto the ground in front of sapphire and from the flames came a figure. it walked out of the fire and soon the flames disapeared leaveing behind the resurected ruby.

she looked at sapphire in shock sence he was of all the gems the one the resurected her. she summoned her daggers and demanded why sapphire was hear but sapphire kept his calm and told ruby that he needed her help. ruby turned away thinking that it was just another atempt at sapphire to recapture ruby but sapphire then brought up who the enemy they were fighting was. when sapphire mentions dragon opal rubys turned back to sapphire with eyes burning with rage asking were she was. sapphire told her that dragon opal was attacking back at the beach with her sentinals. ruby walked up to sapphire and told him that she will fight along side him once agean to take down dragon opal. sapphire smiled a little and told ruby that he was glad that she could help with fighting dragon opal and even ruby gave a small smile to him. sapphire then told ruby that they needed to get back to the warp pad at the entrance sence dragon opal was still at the beach. sapphire took rubys hand and ran quickly back out of the phoenix temple and to the warp pad. they warped back to the beach house and looked out the window to see how the fight was going. the gems fought well but were cornered by the sentinals and dragon opal so sapphire and ruby went outside to stop her. the gems were nervice and thought that it was all over now that the dragon sentinal was about to fire its laser canon. but sudenly ruby jumps in front of the gems and creates an inferno sheild as the sentinal fires its laser. the gems were shocked not only because they see ruby but the fact that she is helping them instead of fighting them like befor. sapphire then climbed up the sentinal as it was distracted by ruby and sliced its head off with his scythe makeing the sentinal colaps to the ground. after the laser stoped ruby stoped her inferno shild and joined sapphire in there atempt to stop the sentinals and dragon opal. both ruby and sapphire made a perfect team as together they managed to stop all nine of the other sentinals leaveing dragon opal defenceless. dragon opal knew that she couldnt stop them now that the sentinals were gone so quickly she returned to ehr ship but befor she left she told the gems that the next time that they meet they will all perish by her wrath then she quickly closed the hatch and took flight.

ruby and sapphire then walk back to the gems to check if they were alright but they were all still worried about ruby being there. garnet asked how this was possable sence she remembered that sapphire killed her a long time ago. sapphire told them that he was able to resurect her in order to stop dragon opal but the gems just looked at sapphire like he was insane. pearl walked up to sapphire saying how dangerous it was for haveing the gem that tried to hunt them down now fight along side them. but sapphire told them that with dragon opal getting stronger they needed more backup for them to stand a chance agenst her armys. the gems were uneasy about this but pearl sead that although she dosnt trust ruby, she trust's sapphire and is willing to fight along side with ruby. garnet told ruby that she can help stop dragon opal but if she catched any signe of betrail she would end ruby perminitly. ruby was worried a little about garnet but she agreed to this wich made the gems go inside of the beach house. ruby and sapphire stood outside looking at the sun setting and ruby looks at sapphire as the last light of day shines on him makeing her blush slightly. ruby thanked sapphire for giveing her a second chance and told sapphire that she will stay loyle to the gems. sapphire looked into rubys eyes knowing that what she sead was true and began to smile at her. he told her that he was happy that they could finaly stay on the same beach without a need to kill the other makeing ruby blush and giggle a little. ruby then huged sapphire wich shocked him a little but sapphire hugs ruby back. she told sapphire that she did miss him and hoped that they could forget that there battles never happened. sapphire smiled and agreed to this and then walked back to the beach house. ruby stayed on the beach for a little thinking about sapphire and how they were together a long time ago hopeing that it could happen agean. she then walked back to the beach house to join the other gems wich ends the episode.


  • Steven
  • Lapis
  • Rose Quartz
  • Garnet
  • Amethyst
  • Pearl
  • Onyx
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Lepidolite
  • Charoite
  • Peridot
  • Jasper
  • Carnelian
  • Dragon Opal
  • Dragon sentinals
  • Ruby
  • Inferno nights


  • Ruby (from the Legend of Onyx series) makes a return in this episode.
  • Dragon Opal is shown to have made improvements on the sentinals.
  • Rubh joins the Crystal gems in this episode.
  • The Phoenix is the symbol of resurrection which is why Ruby is brought back in the Temple of the Phoenix.

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