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"Rose's Life" is a miniseries created by Boygemgirlgem. It takes place during Rose's gem childhood.


The adventures of young Rose Quartz.


  • Young Rose Quartz - A young special gem from Homeworld.
  • Young Black Star Quartz - A young special gem from Homeworld.
  • Young Ammolite - A young gem who often follows Black Star Quartz and Rose Quartz around.
  • Young Jasper - A young brute gem who bullies Rose Quartz.

Episode Guide

No. Title Title Synopisis Release Date


Rose's Shield

Rose's Shield Rose learns how to summon her weapon. July 7, 2015
2 Quartz Quilt Quartz Quilt Rose and Black Star find a magical quilt. July 8, 2015
3 Ammolite's Demise (Part One) Ammolite's Demise (Part One) TBA July 2015
4 Ammolite's Demise (Part Two) Ammolite's Demise (Part Two) TBA July 2015
5 Departing Black Star Quartz leaves Rose to join the Homeworld army. July 2015


  • Rose's Life is about the young Rose Quartz.

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