Rise of the Gems is a series of adventures of young sisters whose gems were once a fusion until they fell in battle. It is currently still in development and episode one is being created.

Main Characters

The main characters consist of a group of half and full gems, who call themselves the crystal jewels. Their task is to protect humans and capture corrupt gems on earth, and are a parallel to the Crystal Gems.


Serena: A 10 year old, half human, half gem girl. Her weapon is a sword. Her gem is placed on her right hand.

Flora: Twin sister of Serena, who summons a small dagger from her gem. Her gem is placed on her left hand.


(Both Serena and Flora are named after their full gem mothers.)

Smoky Quartz: A grey gem who fought alongside Jade. Her gem is placed on her chest.

Agate: A tall, orange gem. Her gem is placed where her left eye should be.


Jade: Citrine and Fluorite's past self, a fusion of two great, full gem friends that got killed in the war.

Minor and Side Characters

None Aired Yet

TBA Characters

???: "He seems cool."

???: "It's the creature."

???: "Oh, he's our friend!~"

???: "She... Doesn't really talk a lot, does she?"

???: "S-she looked tall, blue, and she's right outside! And she's REALLY tall! TALL, OKA-"

???: "... You two look like a halloween decoration."

???: "COOL!"

Confirmed Episodes

Season 1

Episode 1: Weapons and Monsters

Synopsis: TBA

Episode 2: Gem Tech

Synopsis: TBA

Episode 3: Forest Mission

Synopsis: TBA


  • Flora is based off a real friend of the creator.
  • In earlier versions of the show, Serena's and Flora's gemstones would be different.
  • Smoky Quartz, a member of the main recurring cast is based off Sapphire from the original Steven Universe series.
  • Smoky Quartz used to take interest in Jade, but now that interest has switched focus onto Agate.
  • In early development, Agate was originally a antagonist.
  • The creator has confirmed that not all of the main cast are from Homeworld.
  • Agate dislikes the term "monster".
  • The main cast, the Crystal Jewels, were first drawn in the opening theme without prior designs.
  • The Crystal Jewels all live in a greenhouse on a location called Sunlight Island.
  • Serena and Flora were stated to have been "Born or MADE, with green clothes." by the creator of the show. She also states that they were born with their eye colours being the colours of their gems because of Jade, the fusion.
  • Agate's eyes appear to change colour throughout the series.
    • They first appeared brown, but later on they appear light yellow.
  • The show was originally about a young full gem learning to activate her powers.
  • The Christmas short for the show was not completed in time for the Christmas of 2015, so instead it will air on the Christmas of 2016.
  • Flora is camera shy, but better at art as Serena enjoys science and nature more than drawing.
  • Serena always sleeps on the top bunk of their shared bunk bed, because Flora is scared of heights.
  • There are supposedly more Agates on Homeworld, and they all have the same gem placement but have many diverse appearances.
  • Serena hates noodles, because she finds them greatly unhealthy.
  • While Flora does not go outside much, she is still a little faster than Serena.
  • Agate is stated to be the strongest Crystal Jewel, while Smoky is vice versa.

Voice Actors

Confirmed voice actors for the series are subject to change, but here they are so far:

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