This is a character in the Legend of Sapphire series.


She has on a pinkish tank top, that shows her mid-drift and gem, with a black star in the middle of it. She has on black cargos, with pink streaks in it. She is wearing white boots. She is as tall as Pearl, and instead of having the same lips as Amethyst, she has the same lips as Garnet. She has baby pink skin, with a few black lines. She has on black shades that looks similar to Sugilite's shades. Her hair is black, long and wavy, with pink streaks in it. Her gem is at her belly similar to Steven's.


Rhodonite can be somewhat kind and nice to others, and is shown to be a bit lazy and playful with others. Although she is somewhat kind it is shown that she doesn't show that to male gems. Although she is very mean to male gems, some like the three brothers she can get along with them, but it takes a while for her to treat them like friends. She also can act like a tomboy. She can be serious, too serious when on missions, and she barely holds back.


  • Control earth
  • Control lava
  • Create earthquakes
  • Summon earth-based minions
  • Create a form of armor out of stone
  • Control metal


She is strong and powerful as the earth and such a powerful gem deserves a powerful weapon. she is armed with two duel Sais made out of a dark substance of earth. The Sais also seem to have glowing cracks in them with is lava on the inside of the Sais. They are considered to be made of the hardest substance found anywhere on Earth and is considered to literally be indestructible.

Fighting style

Like the earth, Rhodonite is extremely tough and aggressive and is shown to use full force when in combat. Her strikes are stronger than metal and is so powerful that just a single punch can go straight through steel. But she is known to use gracefulness in battle, even if she is a bit of a brute in battle.


  • Amethyst: She is shown to be extremely close with Amethyst since they are shown to be extremely similar, but the only thing that prevents them from being best friends is the way she treats Amethyst's boyfriend, Onyx.
  • Onyx: Rhodonite is shown to be a bit disrespectful to Onyx, however she does have some respect even if she can't show it that well.
  • Sapphire: Out of all the brothers, Rhodonite seems to dislike Sapphire the most. She considers him to be talentless with music even though she never actually heard him play. She also teases Sapphire a lot about wearing the mask even, if she doesn't know why he wears it. Although she is a bit of a bully to Sapphire, she dose consider him to be very wise and smart even if she doesn't like to say it out loud.
  • Emerald: Out of all the brothers Rhodonite seems to respect Emerald the most since he is responable for life on Earth and in the universe. She seems to be alot more calm around him and considers him a friend but sometimes can be a little rude around him.


  • This character is based on a close friend of Vultureking named NeonClovers
  • Rhodonite's tomboy personality and her earth controlling abilities are a reference to Toph from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

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