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Gender Pronoun


Professional Status

Dawn Dusk Gem


Dawn Dusk Gems

Personal Status



Rise Island

First Appearance

Green Gem

Music Theme "8AM" from AC: New Leaf
Voice Actor

PJ Byrne

Rhodochrosite, more commonly known as Rhodo, is the deuteragonist of Dawn Dusk Gems.


Rhodochrosite has a somewhat lanky build. His gem is located on his chest. He has very light salmon-colored skin. His brink pink-colored hair is a bit messy, but mostly goes upward. His coral pink-colored hoodie, which has rolled up sleeves, has a lilac cross design to represent that he is a Dawn Dusk Gem. He has 3 neon bracelets (Cyan, Lime, and Rose) on his right wrist and orange gloves on both of his hands. The hood of his hoodie is a slightly light carmine color. His jeans, which are rolled up, are a mountbatten pink color. his shoes are similar to Buck Dewey's, but differing in color, for his shoes are a carmine color.


Rhodochrosite has a laid back and chill personality, but at times of danger, he dives straight into action. He had a fascination with Tiger's Eye, and even brings Lucia, Tiger's Eye's pet tiger, with him on missions. He's supportive, but can speak out of term every once in a while. He likes to eat, though he doesn't need to. In his division of the Dawn Dusk Gems, he usually gets injured the most, reverting back to his gem more frequently than Apatite and Malachite. He's somewhat reckless, but in battle, he's always on task.

Rhodochrosite Gem

Rhodo's Gem


He has a pair of hand claws that can slice through almost anything. As revealed in On the Rise, he is able to balance out objects, surfaces, other things, and even himself to get through obstacles. He's able to read stress and control stress, but his abilities have a limit, for he can't make someone extremely stressed.



Being on the same Division as her, Rhodo is pretty much required to like Apatite. Fortunately, they were good friends before the rebellion. They work together smoothly and even don't mind fusing with eachother. To summarize, they're good friends.


He has a strong relationship with this tiger. Lucia used to be Tiger's Eye's pet, and Rhodo idolized Tiger's Eye. Since Lucia is the closest thing to Tiger's Eye, Rhodo really cares for Lucia.

Tiger's Eye

It's implied that he really likes Tiger's Eye, possibly having a thing for him. Rhodo idolizes him.


Since they're on the same Division, they have to get along well. Since the creation of the Dawn Dusk Gems, they've been good friends. He cares for her like Apatite, but not nearly as much. They were good friends before she disappeared.


He enjoys Jace being around and likes his personality. Rhodo thinks Jace is a pretty cool kid.


Upon their meeting, Rhodo had the hots for him, but he was just attracted to Agate's physical appearance and probably had no romantic feelings for him in Experiments (Pt. 2). He want that Agate booty.

In First Day, he starts to develop actual romantic feelings for Agate, learning that he's actually a pretty nice guy. The romance is mutual. Still though; He want that Agate booty.

As of Amorous Amalgam, Agate and Rhodo are officially dating. They're a loving, balanced couple.


  • His gem is Rhodochrosite, hence his name. It's round and smooth, with no facets.
  • He likes to eat, even though he doesn't need to.
  • He has a slight crush on Tiger's Eye.
    • This explains his strong friendship with Lucia, Tiger's Eye's tiger companion.
  • He's able to fuse with Apatite to form Chalcedony.
  • He's able to fuse with Malachite to form Sard.
  • Even though gems don't have genders, he could be considered a homosexual due to his attraction with male-appearing gems.


Image Description
Rhodochrosite Gem
Rhodo's gemstone is located on his upper chest. It's shaped like an oval and appears to have a smooth surface with no facets.


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