Rhodo's Garden
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Season 1, Episode 2
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Air date February 8th, 2015
Written by LikeBrony
Directed by Mr. Napcakes
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Green Gem Lucia and Jace

"Rhodo's Garden" is the 2nd episode of the first season in Dawn Dusk Gems, and the 2nd overall episode of the series.


Rhodo grows a vegetable garden, but things get out of hand.


Apatite left her room in the Dawn Dusk Temple only to see Lucia sleeping near the rocks and Rhodo creating a garden on the side of the temple. Apatite bent down to Lucia and smiled. She stood up and walked to Rhodochrosite, who was planting what looked like to be blue carrots. Rhodochrosite was humming an unknown tune and Apatite was curious.

Apatite: What’s with the garden, Rhodo?

Rhodo: I’m making a vegetable garden!

Apatite: Cool, I guess?

Apatite didn’t think he had any explanation for this, but she asked him anyway just to see what kind of wacky excuse he’d come up with.

Apatite: Why a garden? What are we even going to do with it?

Rhodo: We eat the vegetables! Duh!

Apatite: But we don’t eat..?

Apatite’s face was a sea of questions. Despite her name, she doesn’t really enjoy eating, due to it not being essential for a gem’s life.

Rhodo: They still taste pretty good!

Rhodo got one of the harvested blue carrots. He offered her to try some, but she kindly refused. He shrugged, and took a bite out of one. He seemed to enjoy the taste. Though, Apatite pondered how Rhodo even grew BLUE carrots.

Apatite: How’d you get the blue carrots anyway?...

Rhodo: Remember that mission in that Austrian mountain village?

Apatite: Yeah, what about it?

Rhodo: I stopped to get some carrot seeds while you were in the ice cave fighting that gem monster.

Apatite was flustered.

Apatite: So THAT’S where you were! You left me alone with a monster…

Rhodochrosite apologized insincerely. He laughed a bit, and so did Apatite. She suggested that the carrots were to be kept an eye on closely. Rhodo asked why, but Apatite didn’t really give a reasonable answer. Nightfall hit Rise Island, and the group was out doing a mission near the Amazon. When they arrived back, Rhodo was surprised to see that his harvested crops were taken away.

Apatite: What happened? Did someone take them?

Rhodo: I think so! We need to get those vegetables back?

Apatite: Rhodo, it’s just food. Besides, how are we going to even catch this thief? He left no-

And before Apatite could finish her sentence, Rhodo pointed towards the other side of the shore. It was a jungle-green gem monster that resembled a gorilla; only angrier. They chased the monster down to the other side of the beach. The monster’s gem was on its chest, so it was difficult to stun it. Apatite used one of her clouds to fly across the sand and reach the monster faster. She was right behind when the green monster turned around knocked her off her cloud. She stayed on the ground for a bit, scratching her head. She seemed angry. Rhodo caught up to her, asking if she was okay, but before he got an answer, Apatite sprinted to the monster. She stabbed it with her polearm directly through the back, causing it to revert inside its gem. She bubbled the gem and took deep breaths. Rhodo caught up to her, and looked worried.

Rhodo: Are you okay?

Apatite: Yeah, let’s just get back to the temple. I need to lay down for a bit.

Rhodo: Y-yeah. Let’s do that.

Rhodo carried Apatite back to the Dawn Dusk Temple. He placed her down next to Lucia. Lucia purred quietly. Apatite looked a lot less tired. She said jokingly;

Apatite: So, did you get your blue carrots back?

Rhodo laughed at this.

Rhodo: Yep. But most of them were eaten.

Apatite: That’s a shame. But it’s fine. That garden would die under your watch anyway.

Rhodo: Hey!

They both laughed for a bit.

Apatite: Maybe we should make a barrier to protect it?

Rhodo: That sounds good.

Apatite: How did that monster even get here? We don't have gem monsters on this island.

Rhodo: Probably used the warp pad.

Apatite: I doubt that it used the warp pad. Last time I checked, monsters like those aren't able to use them.

Rhodo: Well, it's not important anymore, I guess.

Apatite: Okay. I'll just get some sleep.

Rhodo: Whatever. I'll go fishing. I was thinking of keeping an aquarium.

Apatite: Huh?

Production Notes

This episode was revised quite a bit by me. LikeBrony is Brazilian, so his grammar wasn't top notch. I also changed the story a bit. - Mr. Napcakes




  • Jungle-Green Gem Monster Gem
  • Rhodo's Blue Carrots


  • Rise Island


  • Rhodo is implied to be a bad caretaker.
  • Apatite is shown to use clouds for faster travel.
  • Rhodo likes to eat, even though gems don't need to.

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