Season 2, Episode 2
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Air date Unknown
Written by Sticks the Badger
Directed by Sticks the Badger
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"The Temple" TBA

Reunion is the 2nd episode of Season 2 in The Last Of Us, and the 7th episode overall.


Mage throws a cookout at the Temple to mend the relationship between the Helix family and the Crystal Gems.


[Trans. Int. Beach House]

Jet: You want us to wha-?

Mage: Meet aunt Christa!

Ivory: What's a aunt?

Citrine: Mage, we'd rather not be affiliated her. Go outside and play with Clarissa.

Mage: But why?

Ivory: Captain's orders, dude. You gotta deal with it. (walks into her room)

Jet: Our lives are simply too complicated for her to comprehend.

Citrine: Mm, hmm.

Jet: You agree, don't you?

[Trans. Ext. Beach]

(Mage and Christa walk onto the beach.)

Christa: I've never seen this side of the beach before...

Mage: Yeah, it's pretty amazing. (leads her toward the Gems) Now, I'd like you to meet-

Citrine: We are the Crystal Gems! Citrine! (changes into casual-wear)

Ivory: Ivory! (changes into casual-wear)

Jet: And Jet!

(Citrine glares angrily at Jet.)

Jet (to Citrine): What? I'm not changing! This is simply a meet and greet!

Mage: Anyways, as you can tell, these are the Crystal Gems. They protect the earth from dangerous stuff like corrupt Gems.

Christa: I see.

Ivory: Let's eat!

(Ivory lifts a burger off the table and takes a huge bite.)

Ivory: (still chewing) You people are so...culinary! (takes another bite)

Christa: Thank you...?

Jet: Well, I'll be leaving. Enjoy the rest of your meal, Mage.

(Jet begins to leave, but Citrine grabs his shirt.)

Citrine: Excuse us, but we need to have a word in private. (walks away with Jet)

Christa: Yeah, alright.

Ivory: (still chewing) So, you got a job?

Christa: Why, yes, I do. I'm a journalist for the New York Times.

Ivory: Interesting... (takes another giant bite) I'm unemployed, at the moment.

(Citrine and Jet return, and take a seat at the table.)

Mage: Hey, guys, did you know auntie Christa works for a newspaper?

Christa: It's fun. I have to say, the wages are astounding!

Citrine: That's nice. (drinks a soda)

Jet: Well, thanks to our little heated discussion-

Citrine (whispering): Jet, be quiet.

Jet: Before I was rudely interrupted, I learned that humanity is deserving of some appreciation. Therefore, here's a dollar for your time. (summons a dollar from his gem and hands it to Christa)

Christa (shocked): Thank you... It's Jet, right?

Jet: Yes. Now, scram.




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