This is the fourteenth episode of my series, The Rebellion, and the second episode of season 2.

Season 2, Episode 2
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Air date Unknown
Written by User:LapisL6
Directed by User:LapisL6
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A New Gem Nostalgia


The Gems look for Hematite and Morganite in the darkness of Beach City.


[Episode enters with, Turquoise, Topaz, Steven, and Orthoclase looking around Beach City at night with flashlights.]

Topaz: Ugh, they're not here anymore, they left!

Turquoise: Their ship was broken, they have no escape.

Ortho: How are we going to find them?

Turquoise: By looking.

[They continue wandering around, until they see a shadow run in front of them.]

Turquoise: We got them now!

[They follow where the shadow went, only to find Peedee, the fry boy, cowered in the corner, terrified.

Steven: Peedes! Whats wrong!?

[He points down where they came, and they can see 4 glowing eyes approach them cautiously. when they get close, they realize its their targets.]

Hematite: Oh no! Them!

[Turquoise swings his sword at Hematite, and she poofs into her Gem, which Turquoise grabs.]

Morganite: So you're the New Crystal Gems Hematite was talking about...

[Turquoise swings his sword again, but misses.]

Morganite: You don't stand a chance againt Homeworld! [She pulls out her Gem Destablizer]

Turquoise: We'll see about that!

[Topaz starts break-dancing and so does Steven, spinning on their heads. Turquoise walks in the middle of them and dances awkwardly. After a bit, Turquoise grabs Topaz's and Steven's legs and throws the two in the air. When he catches them, they start glowing a strange purple and melt into each other into one entity.]

Ortho: Wow, they fused! 

???: The names, Indicolite, fusion!

Morganite: Urgh...

Indicolite: Time to smash! [He starts glowing and is suddenly covered in tons of maroon armor. He summons a glowing pink sword and shield and smashes Morganits with his shield, poofing her to her Gem.]

Indicolite: Thays what I call a beat down!

[He unfuses and they all start cheering and pick up Morganite's pink Gem.]

Topaz: What do we do with this?

[Turquoise takes the Hematite's and Morganite's Gem and bubbles them, ending the episode.]

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