"Regeneration" is the second episode of the first season of Celebration Fandom. It is the second episode overall.

Season 1, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date The date you read this.
Written by SUcelebration94
Directed by SUcelebration94
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Pearl's Date Outside the Warp Stream


Amethyst has to regenerate after a fight.


This episode starts with the gems fighting a monster. Amethyst gets hurt, and she retreats to her gemstone. The other gems defeat the monster, and Garnet bubbles away the monster's gem. Steven picks up Amethyst's gem, and the gems all warp back home. Steven treats Amethyst's gem like Pearl's, putting it on a pillow and putting a lamp over it. Steven just watches the gem. Connie comes over, and Steven tells her about Amethyst. Connie suggests that they go watch "Dogcopter". After they watch "Dogcopter", Steven is still not cheered up. Connie goes home after a while, and Steven is still sad. Pearl slips out the door, and Garnet takes Steven to Funland, leaving right after remembering that Steven had been banned from all of the rides. After they get home, Steven goes to bed. At one in the morning, Pearl slips back in the door. She goes into the temple, unnoticed. In the morning, Steven goes right back to watching Amethyst's gem. Steven goes to Greg, and he and Steven go watch "Lil' Butler" together. They watch it all day. Around seven at night, Steven goes home. As Steven goes home, Pearl is seen sneaking out of the house, and no one notices. A few hours later, Steven is in bed, and Pearl comes home. Steven wakes up, and Amethyst still hasn't regenerated yet. Steven plays video games all day. Sometime around seven, Pearl is seen sneaking out again, but Steven stops her this time. He asks where she is going, and Pearl tells Steven to be quiet. She tells him that this is important, and leaves. Steven eventually goes to bed. Pearl eventually comes home. In the morning, Steven wakes up. A few hours later, Amethyst regenerates, but is still wearing the same outfit. Steven runs up to her and hugs her. Amethyst asks what she missed, and Steven tells her that she didn't really miss much, except that she missed Pearl sneaking out. A smirk shows up on Amethyst's face. THE END.





Steven Universe

Greg Universe


huge red bloody Gem Monster


  • When Amethyst regenerates, she is wearing the same outfit as before.
    • The reason for this is that the character's outfits don't change in this series, unless they do in the canon series, of course!
  • Steven treats Amethyst's gem like Pearl's when she regenerated, which happened in "Steven the Swordfighter".
  • Steven and Connie watch "Dogcopter", the movie shown in "Lion 2 the Movie".
  • Steven and Greg are shown watching "Lil' Butler", a TV series shown in "Maximum Capacity".
  • Garnet takes Steven to "Funland", but Garnet remembers that Steven was banned from all of the rides. This was first revealed in "Serious Steven".
  • Pearl is shown sneaking out several times.
    • This is most likely because she is sneaking out to see Mayor Dewey
      • She is first revealed to be dating Mayor Dewey in Pearl's Date (My series!)
  • When the episode ends, Amethyst is shown to have a smirk on her face.
    • This happened because Amethyst plans on following Pearl out, most likely.

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