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Rebel Outcasts (Usually abbreviated RO) is a fanon series created by InterdimensionalFlop.


Five gems are stranded on the planet Cerus. Named "Rebel Outcasts", they are not welcomed into society for their "crimes". They try to help the oncoming war against Cerus, Homeowrld, and a strange new force that is now rising into power. They must battle power-crazed rulers, entire planets, and even themselves to survive.


Season 1A

Title Card Title Description
Gem Planting
Gem Planting (RO Episode)

Suspicion arises when a rebel group of gems is found on the planet Cerus.

The W.A.R.P
The W.A.R.P. (RO Episode)

Ortho's new invention is put to the test.

Croc Pit
Croc Pit (RO Episode)

The Outcasts try to figure out what to do with Pectolite.

We Could Use Some Help
We Could Use Some Help (RO Episode)

The Outcasts split up for missions.

Nuummite's fortress
Nuummite's Fortress (RO Episode) MID SEASON FINALE

Nuummite spends the day exploring.

Season 1B

Title Card Title Description
TBA title Card
High and Mighty Unknown
TBA title Card
Planet-Hoppers Unknown
TBA title Card
Still Dead Unknown
TBA title Card
Exclamation of Insanity Unknown
TBA title Card
Explanation of Insanity Unknown
TBA title Card
The Tritetroid Unknown

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