The Rebel Gems were a team of gems made up of Jade, Onyx, and partners Sunstone and Moonstone.


The Rebel Gems were created after Onyx failed to join the Homeworld Gems. Enraged, she decided to make her own gem team to defeat "those pests" the Crystal Gems. She went around trying to get gems to join, failing most of the time. The only time she succeeded was when she came across Sunstone and Moonstone. Sunstone suggested they join, to which Moonstone reluctantly agreed. They tried to do some simple jobs (defeating monsters), but failed every time. They decided they needed someone really strong on the team. Onyx came up with a plan to kidnap Jade, who, at the time, was part of the Crystal Gems, and make her join the team. Sunstone and Moonstone questioned this plan, to which Onyx reassured them "was for the best". They proceeded to kidnap Jade, and take her back to base. They lured her into joining the team, thanks to Onyx's smooth talking (and lying). They went on various missions, defeating various monsters and keeping Beach City safe. Eventually, they went on to their greatest mission yet; defeating the Crystal Gems. Sunstone, Moonstone, and Jade all backed away, knowing this was wrong. Onyx was enraged by her own teammates not doing what the entire team was created for. She went to defeat them herself, failing and being defeated by the Crystal Gems, soon to regenerate. Sunstone, Moonstone, and Jade all went on to join the Crystal Gems.

Alliances (a.k.a. Relationships)

Homeworld Gems: Not on the greatest of terms, due to Onyx's failed attempt to join them.

Crystal Gems: See Creation.

(This article is a mild W.I.P)

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