This story was written by Boygemgirlgem.

This is a short story about Petschite worrying about why Ussingite always follows The Jury's orders.


Ussingite's Gem Ship


Orange Gem (Clinohumite)




Ussingite and Petschite are flying on a small 3 room pod ship. Petschite examines a purple hologram map of Earth steadily as Ussingite controls the ship. "The gem object is near a country that is called 'Canada'. It's in a cave on an island next to the country, but it may be guarded by something." Petschite says. Ussingite rolls her eyes. "I know what a Canada is." she says. "Uh, are you sure about that?" Petschite says, when interrupted by a loud rumble. A crash at the end of the ship is heard, and gas starts coming from it. Petschite walks to the door where gas is coming from under. "No! Stop, don't go in there!" Ussingite yells loudly as the ship comes to an abrupt stop. "Why?" Petschite asks her. A louder crash than the first one is heard. Petschite begins to push the door open, but Ussingite pulls her away and throws her on the ground. "I dont want to hurt you Ussing! Please, just tell me what is in there!" Petschite says. Another crash is heard as Ussingite sighs. "I'm sorry Petschite.. I didn't want you to think I'm not a good friend." Ussingite tells her. "Ussingite, I will always think of you as one of my greatest frie-" Petschite says as she is interuppted by a loud shouting voice. "You can't keep me trapped forever! You gems will be punished!" The door slams open, and a orange gem jumps onto Ussingite. She pushes them off, but they take out an orange knife that increases in size and attempt to stab Ussingite. She dodges all of their attacks, and grabs her axe. She then uppercuts them in the stomach. "Why are you doing this to me!?" the orange gem asks as they both pause. "I didn't make these orders. Don't get in my way." Ussingite says, and the second right after, she cuts the orange gem in half, watching them retreat into their gem. All Petschite could do was stare, but then ran to the retreated gem. "Why?" she asked. "I already said why." Said Ussingite. Ussingite then bubbled the gem and threw it in the back of the ship. She walked back to the control panel and began flying the ship again. Petschite sat next to her, and looked at Earth and all of the stars surrounding it. She then turned to Ussingite. "You don't have to do everything that they command you to do." She said. Ussingite stared in silence, not changing facial expression. Petschite sighed. "Ussingite, tell me the reason why you are so scared to not do what they want you to do!" Petschite continued. Ussingite stopped the ship, closed her eyes, and broke out in tears. "I just want to be appreciated by them, to later on be looked up to by the others!"A tear ran down her eye. "I want to be important, I want to just do something, and I want to feel special!" Petschite hugged her. Ussingite looked at a star. "That's the reason why." 

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