Garnet, that mouth!
Garnet, that mouth!

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Quiet Place
DDG Ep 30 Title Card
Season 2, Episode 10
Vital statistics
Air date July 6th, 2015
Written by Mr. Napcakes
Directed by Mr. Napcakes
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Someone Who Changed My Life Paradox Universe
"Quiet Place" is the 10th episode of the second season in Dawn Dusk Gems, and the 30th overall episode of the series.


Moonstone runs away to her quiet place after upsetting Apatite, and it's Apatite's job to retrieve her.



Malachite: Okie dokes.

Malachite gave Idocrase a silver whisk. He smiled and rushed to the bowl of ingredients with his short legs. The bowl was on top of a somewhat messy counter that Larimar was in the midst of cleaning with a wet towel. She had white gloves on and was humming a rather melodic tune. In fact, the entire room was pretty messy. There was lots of technology lying around, Gemtech or not, and it made the room sort of cramped. Green lights came from the Gemtech and everything else was shut off. There was a fridge close to the counter, as well as a sink and a stove. It was like a small kitchen in Malachite’s somewhat big, but cluttered room. There was a black and green queen-sized bed in the pathway between the fridge to the counter, oddly enough. Since the bed was next to the counter, Idocrase used it as a stool to reach the bowl. He starts whisking the ingredients like there was no tomorrow. Larimar giggles a bit, still cleaning the counter the bowl was on. The counter was made of finely made black marble.


Larimar: Aw, you’re adorable!

Idocrase: I, uh… That-THAT WASN’T THE INTENT!

Idocrase starts blushing and Larimar giggles again. Malachite went to the fridge and got some Hawaiian Punch. She walks over to the counter, jumps once on her bed (because why the Hell not) and gets out her mug from a cabinet under the counter. On the mug reads “World’s Best Skrillex”. She pours her Hawaiian Punch into the mug, as well as some ice. She puts the punch back in the freezer and starts sipping on her Hawaiian Punch-filled mug. Idocrase turns to her, raising an eyebrow while whisking the ingredients.

Idocrase: Hey, aren’t YOU gonna help? It was your idea to make cupcakes in the first place!

Malachite: Me and Lari will decorate ‘em when they’re done baking.

Malachite turns to Larimar.

Malachite: You wanna, Lari?

Lari: Oh, um.. Okay! That’s f-fine by me…

Malachite smiles. She sits on her bed, continuing to drink her punch. Larimar hears some sounds of distress coming from throughout the temple. Larimar frowns and stops cleaning. She takes off her gloves and walks a few steps away. Then she turns to her friends, who are a bit confused.

Malachite: Uh, Lari? Where are you going?

Lari: Apatite’s Room. I’m… I’m gonna check on her. D-do you know the way to her-

Malachite: See that pile of CDs?

Lari turns to her right, only to see a giant pile of coverless CDs. She slowly nods.

Malachite: Put them to the side and just step in the middle of the pad.

Lari: The… The pad?

Lari puts the CDs to the side, revealing a circular pad with glowing green markings. She steps in the center of it, unsure.

Lari: M-malachite? H-how is this supposed to wo-

The pad starts to liquefy and Lari fall straight through. She shrieks. There’s a big splash heard from below. Malachite and Idocrase smile.

Malachite: That’s how!

Lari is on her own for now. She slowly gets up from her fall and looks around. She’s in Rhodochrosite’s Room! There are roaring red waterfalls all around her in the shape of pillars. She is amazed by its beauty. Then she looks to bottom of the room, only there is no bottom. It’s a pitch black void and she steps back quickly out of fear. She starts panting and hyperventilating. She stops walking back when she realizes she’ll fall backwards, jumping into the center. She crouches down and wraps her arms around her knees.

Lari: It’s okay, it’s okay… I.... I can do this… Surely…

Lari slowly gets up, repeating her words.

Lari: I can do this… I can do this…!

Lari walks towards the edge of the circular waterfall pillar. She looks up.

Lari: I can do this!

She jumps down from the waterfall pillar, screaming in fear, and at the same time trying to calm herself. She seems to be in a pitch black world, still falling. She looks to her left, then to her right then forward. She closes her eyes and inhales, then exhales, opening her eyes again. She appears to be in a lavender-colored room, still falling, where the waterfall pillars are now purple and there’s a lavender sky. She smiles and starts to enjoy the ride down.

Lari: This is… This is actually fun!

Lari smiles and giggles, twirling around while falling. Eventually, the sky turns to a normal light blue color and the waterfall pillars start to disappear into nothingness. The ocean is near, so Lari is aware that she’s in her room. She gets into a diving position and dives into the ocean gracefully, swimming to a certain part of her room. Lari’s room is beautiful, with sea animals lurking around peacefully and beautifully colored plants swaying. She smiled.

Lari: I remember how much effort I put into designing this room…

She giggles.

Lari: I love thinking about this kind of stuff.

Lari swims over to the seabed and walks on the sand with no problems. A pink fish swims by her and she touches it gently. She smiles. Lari eventually reaches her painting area, which is an easel with smooth rocky walls surrounding it. Hanging from those walls are paintings, and one of those paintings was of Apatite’s Room. But it wasn’t looking as it should. The clouds in the painting are dark grey, and the room is raining. Lari breaks her smile and starts tearing up. She tries to maintain strong and wipes her tears.

Lari: It’s.. It’s okay Lari… I can take care of this….

Lari is trying really hard not to cry, inhaling and exhaling. She calms herself down and touches the painting. She starts to glow, teleporting to Apatite’s room. She looks around the dark, rainy room. Overall, the room has a depressing atmosphere. Lari walks around, scared of what she might discover. She turns to her left to see a depressed Apatite on the floor. She isn’t crying, but her facial expression shows her sadness. Lari walks up to her, but is stopped.

Apatite: Lari… What are you doing here…?

Apatite sounds cold and her voice is broken. She sounds really sad.

Lari: I heard you stress…. I-I’m worried that-

Apatite: I don’t want you here, Lari… Just leave me be….

Lari: B-but..  But Moon-

Apatite turns around with an angry expression.

Apatite: What about Moon?!

The room starts thundering. Lari jumps from the suddenness.

Apatite: I don’t want to see her after she-

Lari: Moon went to her quiet place… You need to go see her because I don’t think that-

Apatite: I don’t care! That bitch mentioned my trauma. My old fears… I hate it. I never want to remember those times…

Lari: I know you’re frustrated with her right now, but please go see her! She’s your friend!

Lari starts crying hard. She kneels down with Apatite. Apatite sighs and stands up. Lari notices this and looks up, still crying. Apatite’s hand is near her face, ready to pull her up. Lari nods and takes her hand. They’re both up. Lari wipes her tears away.

Apatite: I’m… I’m sorry for saying those things, Lari. It’s just…

Apatite sighs and turns around.

Apatite: I’m frustrated, like you said… But I’ll see go see her. I don’t know what was wrong with me….

Lari: It’s-It’s okay…

Lari stops crying, but she still looks sad. Apatite puts her hand on Lari’s shoulder.

Apatite: No need to be sad. I’ll see her now. Promise.

Apatite smiles and Lari smiles as well. Apatite leaves the temple and goes onto the warp pad. The beach is empty and the waves are calm. It’s dark out, and she can hear Rhodo and Agate talking from afar. She warps away, ignoring the two. She is warped to a rather dark area. It’s nighttime there, but the stars light up the sky. There are blueberry bushes everywhere, on the hills and on the plains, as well as the cliffs and the plateaus. Everywhere you turn, there’s grass and blueberries. Apatite had no time to admire the scenery; she had to look for Moon, after all. She ran through the beautiful fields in search of her friend. She stepped on some bushes, but that didn’t matter. She ran up hills and ran down some. She eventually saw Moon on a cliff. She cried out to her.

Apatite: Moon!

Moon turned around with a shocked expression, then an angry expression.

Moon: Leave me be! I wish to be ALONE!

Moon hops off of the cliff and starts running through the blueberry plains.

Apatite: Wait, Moon, I’m fine now! Stop!

Apatite chases her through the blueberry fields. Moon runs as quickly as she can. Apatite smartly creates a flying cloud and hops onto it. The cloud travels to Moon quickly, still moving as Moon is still running. Moon turns to Apatite on the cloud with shock, and quickly turns a different direction.

Moon: Don’t come after me!

Apatite: I have to!

Apatite quickly catches up to Moon as she tries to run up a cliff. Apatite jumps off of the cloud and onto Moon. They both roll down the cliff and crash into some blueberry bushes. Apatite’s aching. She looks up to see the cliff she just fell from, then at the other direction with Moon slowly crawling away. Apatite stands up and runs to her. She holds her hand out to help her up. Moon looks up, closes her eyes, and holds her hand. Apatite helps her up and they continue to hold hands. They’re covered in blueberries, but that’s not their concern. They both look at each other with care, still frowning.

Moon: I’m… I’m sorry…

Apatite: You don’t need to apologize.

Moon: But I mentioned your trauma… I shouldn’t have… I’m such a fool…

Apatite: No, Moon, you’re no fool… You’re my friend. I love you dearly.

Moon smiles and blushes. Apatite smiles when she sees this.

Moon: You’re the best friend I could ever have…

Moon and Apatite look into the distance. Still holding hands, they walk a few steps. The scenery is beautiful with all of the land formations and blueberry bushes. The sun starts to rise in that area. The two gems sit down and start to talk again, still holding hands and looking at the sunrise. Their voices are gentle.

Moon: Do you remember this place?

Apatite: Of course I do… It’s the Bloodveil Blueberry Fields…

Moon: Do you remember.. The significance?

Apatite: Yes, I do… It’s where the four of us used to go when we were…

The two both say their words at the same time.

Apatite & Moon: Arcelians….

Apatite smiles and snickers a bit. She holds Moon’s hand tighter, and Moon does the same.

Moon: I miss Contra Luz Opal.. I miss Sunstone….

Apatite: We’ll be back together soon… You made that fascinating elixir, after all….

Moon: But we haven’t found Sunstone’s gem, yet..

Apatite: We’ll find her gem eventually…. We already found Contra’s.

Moon: Once we find Sunstone’s gem, we’ll heal her and Contra back up. We’ll be together again.

Apatite: I’d like that…

Moon rests her head on Apatite’s shoulder and they come in closer, admiring the sunrise.

Apatite: We should get going soon…. But I’ll stay a bit longer.

Moon: I’d love that...




  • Malachite's World's Best Skrillex Mug


  • Dawn Dusk Temple
    • Malachite's Room
    • Rhodo's Room
    • Lari's Room
    • Apatite's Room
  • The Bloodveil Blueberry Fields


  • It is revealed how several rooms in the Dawn Dusk Temple are connected.
    • There's a circular pad with glowing green markings in Malachite's Room, when stepped on, will cause it to liquefy, making the person on the pad fall into Rhodo's Room and on top of a big waterfall pillar.
    • Diving from Rhodo's Room will lead you to Lari's Room, which is an ocean.
    • Lari's Room has a painting of Apatite's Room, which is basically clouds, and it changes tone depending on Apatite's mood.
      • As shown in the painting in this episode, the room starts raining when Apatite's sad.
      • The room can start thundering when she's mad, as well.
  • Malachite's "World's Best Skrillex" Mug makes a reappearance.
  • Two new gems are introduced in this episode; Sunstone and Contra Luz Opal. However, they are only mentioned.
  • This episode takes place during Amorous Amalgam.



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