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(shows the fire gems warped to a giant tower in the clouds)

Topaz: Welcome to the spire of light!

Quantum: So what do we have to do?

Topaz: well it was once helping the gem rooms on earth... but now its broken , and its damaging them

Jade: So what are we waiting for lets destroy it!

Jade ran to it and slashed it a lot of times but he only destroyed 1 little rock

Jade: How is it so hard to break???

Topaz: it was built by thousands of gems so it is out of some good material

Jade: so what do we have to do ?

Topaz: Well Quantum you try to break it

Quantum: Sure!

Quantum got to the spire and summoned his 2 gauntlets

He hit it as hard as he can and broke it quite a bit

Quantum: well this is still gonna take forever , cause its so big!

Topaz: ok we'll figure something out

Jade: We could all fuse but thats too unstable

Topaz: well thats the last option we could get

A lot of gem monsters appeared in front of the spire and started to attack the gems

Quantum: Summon your weapons!

they all summoned their weapons and attacked

Jade spun his scythe around him and killed the monsters

Topaz shot a bunch of arrows into the air , they fell onto the monsters and killed them

and Quantum hit the monsters with his gauntlets

Quantum: well that was easy

Jade: Yeah

Topaz: Agreed

Topaz: you know we could break this with a gem grenade

Quantum: Huh , good idea , lets go find one

The gems warped back to the temple

Quantum: Ok lets go check the cherry tree field

They warped to the cherry tree field

They ran straight to the cherry tree temple

Quantum: i found one!

Topaz: Great!

They warped back to the spire of light

Topaz: Quantum throw that grenade

Qunatum: ok

Quantum Threw the grenade


They all run go to the warp pad and start warping

Quantum: that was close

A big cube thing comes into the warp and pushes Quantum out

it sprayed quantum with some liquid

and Quantum retrieved back to his gems

Jade: We have to go save them!

Jade jumped out of the warp , took B. Zircon and Spinel's gems

Jade got back into the warp

Topaz: What happened to them?

Jade: Well something did , you can see they retrieved to their gems

They Warped back to the temple

Jade placed their gems on the table

5 hours later

They regenerated

B. Zircon: Phew finally regenerated

Spinel: Yeah

Jade: its about time you did

Jade: we have to go check the galaxy warp

B. Zircon: ok

they all warped to the galaxy warp

Jade: The shield is holding up good

Jade: Ok we had to check the shield

They warped back to the temple

Topaz: So what do we do now?

Jade: there is no missions , so nothing for now

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