This is the 5th episode of The Fire Gems!

(back at the Fire Gems temple)

Zircon: I'll leave Spinel in the healing water and hope he'll Regenerate!

Jade: Yeah

(the next day)

B. Zircon: Hey , Jade how were you able to regenerate so fast when Axinite killed you ?

Jade: Well i learnt how to regenerate in a short time and im not fully healed but later i had to go into my gem

so i can fully regenerate.

B. Zircon: Oh , cool !

(Topaz's temple door opens)

Topaz: Good Morning!

Jade and B. Zircon: Good Morning!

Topaz: What are you doing?

Jade: Talking About Yesterday and waiting for Spinel to regenerate

Topaz: Ok

The Gem floats into the air and regenerates

Spinel falls to the ground

Jade Topaz and B. Zircon : Spinel !! you ok?

They all Rush to Spinel

Spinel: What Happened?

B. Zircon: We dont know you were fused with Amazonite and Hiddenite your fusion tried to kill us

Spinel: What? im sorry , i had no control over the fusion! They wanted me to fuse with Hiddenite and i didnt want to so they used

a syringe on me and it made us fuse i but the fusion was unstable so it attacked you

Jade: Its ok now , Lets go check on the galaxy warp pads

They Step onto the warp pad and go to the galaxy warp

B. Zircon: Everyone step onto the warp pads and check if they're active

All but B. Zircon: Ok!

Topaz: Inactive

Jade: Inactive

Spinel: Inacitve

B. Zircon: Inactive

B. Zircon: They're all Inactive , Thats good!

Spinel: Any missions to finish?

B. Zircon: no missions latley

Spinel: huh , ok

They all warp back to The Fire Gems Temple

Several Hours later (all the Gems were in their rooms)

A bunch of small cubes fell down onto the island's beach

They got into the temple and used the warp pad to go somewhere

Spinel got out of his room (because he heard something)

Spinel: Something seems wrong here

he stepped on to the warp pad and checked a lot of places

finally he got to the galaxy warp , he saw a bunch of small cubes

fixing the warp pads

Spinel: They fixed them?

Spinel rushed to the temple to tell the other gems

Spinel: Guys , get out of your rooms fast some small cubes fixed the warp pads!!!!

All but Spinel: What??

They all got to the galaxy warp and saw the cubed fixing the warp pads

The cubes got to the Homeworld warp and fixed it too

The cubes disappeared

The Gems waited but nothing happened

B. Zircon: Huh ... we better place a force field here so if something warps they wont be able to get out

The Gems took a little circle and placed it on the galaxy warp , it created a big Force field around the galaxy warp

B. Zircon: That should do it !

They all warped back to the Temple

Jade: Hey B. Zircon , you and Spinel should try to fuse !

B. Zircon: Why?

Jade: well you never fused

B. Zircon: Well we could try to

Spinel got out of his room

Spinel: Hey , What are you two talking about?

Jade: Hey spinel why dont you and B. Zircon fuse?

Spinel: well ... ok

B. Zircon and Spinel Preformed a fusion dance

It wasnt a fusion dance it was more of a fight

Spinel tried to punch B. Zircon but he dodged it

B. Zircon jumped and tried kick him but Spinel dodged it

and finally they jumped at each other , their bodies merged into one

(it wasnt a really big fusion , the name of it is Quantum Quattro , its nickname will be Quantum)

Quantum: Woah this is awesome!!

Jade: Wow nice !

Topaz got out of her room

Topaz: Who is that?

Jade: its the fusion of B. Zircon and Spinel

Topaz: nice !

Quantum: Hey is there any missions ?

Jade: there is

Quantum: what is it?

Jade: we have to go find Amazonite

To be Continued

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