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Ugly crustaceans, Zoidbergs, Jumbo shrimp


insectoid/Reptilian humanoid


Machine Rifle, Sawtooth dagger


Diecious (Average human gender classification)


Black legless and armless jumpsuit with steel armor plating on the backside


mottled light brown and dark brown, scaly skin


8 feet


544 kilograms

Eye Color


Professional Status

Homeworld Gems


Soldiers, architects

Personal Status

Least Concern


Eeu & Tegin

Voice Actor

Kenneth Crooker

My kind do not want the likes of you, space rock. Now leave. If you don't, then I will bring your kind nothing but hellfire.

—Lord Gredath, the political leader of the Qiskaltak

The Qiskaltak are an extraterrestrial race of insectoid saurians native to the conjoined planets Eeu and Tegin.


Anatomy & Physiology

The Qiskaltak are bipedal and walk on two legs. Their feet are digitrade, giving their legs a birdlike appearance. Their long legs allow them to run at speeds of 45 mph. The Qiskaltak stand at an average height of 7 feet, and they weigh up to 544 kg.

The Qiskaltak possess anatomical features of both reptiles and arthropods. They possess several mandibles used for mastication (chewing), like most arthropods. However, they have scaly skin, much like reptiles, and their backs are covered in a thick, chitinous carapace, much like crustaceans. Much like horseshoe crabs, the Qiskaltak possess bright blue blood. The average lifespan of the Qiskaltak is 500 years.


The Qiskaltak are both an architectural and militaristic race, and they arrive to do nothing more but to conquer and build. They are a heavily fascist race, as evidenced by their distrust of other alien races, and the legions of weaponized ring worlds surrounding their conjoined planets. At first, they were extremely prejudiced towards the Nakatarkal race, until they were offered gem technology. As of today, the Qiskaltak have an alliance with the Homeworld Nakatarkal.

The Qiskaltak culture is similar to that of both ancient Japan and ancient Rome. Like the Japanese, the Qiskaltak have a strong sense of honor, and even have a code similar to Japanese Bushido. However, just like the Romans, the Qiskaltak are master architects, and have managed to build beautiful and large structures within only a few years.


The Qiskaltak are polytheistic, and believe in the two gods Eeudos and Tegidos, whom represent their planets. According to Qiskaltak folklore, these two gods are brothers whom fought a great war, but realized that the war was pointless, and went into an eternal embrace, causing them to turn into the conjoined planets Eeu & Tegin. The Qiskaltak believe that if the two planets were to separate again, then the war would continue.


  • The design of the Qiskaltak was inspired by the Non-humans from District 9, the Sligs from Oddworld, and the Sangheili from the Halo Franchise.
  • While possessing the features of both arthropods and reptiles, the Qiskaltak are genetically closer to reptiles.

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