Pyrope is an upcoming red gem that will soon debut in Dove Fandom.


Pyrope is a male-appearing gem with a gem that's an inverted-triangle that point's out and is located on his left shoulder. His hair is wavy in a style and his skin is a greyed-red. He wears a pale red, loose, button down shirt with the first few unbuttoned, the sleeves reach his elbows and the shirt is untucked. He wears very dark red jeans and red shoes, he has a black X on his shirt in the same way as Emerald 's but on the opposite side.


Pyrope is a rational gem and takes his position as leader quite seriously. He doesn't say much but really cares about his team, much like Garnet. He acts really introverted around humans and others Gems that aren't his friends.He can be really funny sometimes and is really caring towards Emerald. Later on in the series he opens up more and is more emotional and friendly.


All gems have the ability to summon a weapon, shapeshift, fuse with other gems and retreat to their gemstone after becoming injured to heal. Pyrope's weapon is an axe. He can fuse with Aventurine to form Idocrase, Emerald to form Heliodor, Mangano Calcite to form Bixbite.


  • Axe Proficiency: Pyrope is very skilled when using his axe and uses it to cut things and people in half and is can spin like a boomerang and come back to Pyrope wirh no effort.

Unique Abilities

  • Pyrope is not seen with any unique abilities yet.



He and Emerald have been friends since they met in Kindergarten and have always had a close bond. They share a strong emotional bond and is aware of Emerald's slight attraction to him it's unknown if Pyrope feels the same way.


He and Aventurine, whilst they are good friends, they tend not to get along well (similar to Pearl and Amethyst). Their personalities collide a lot.

Mangano Calcite

He and Mangano are friends, being the same team and get along well. They tend to want to do good and help their team.


  • He likes to sleep even though he doesn't need to.
  • Gem's don't have genders, but Pyrope can be considered as Homosexual due to his attraction to male-appearing Gems.

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