This is a character from the Legend of Sapphire series.


She has flawless light purple skin, with long perfect dark purple hair. She wears a necklace with a small crystal on it which she always wears. In her casual wear she wears a black tank top, with a purple hoodie, and dark blue Jeans, this is the outfit that she wears most of the time. In a different outfit she wears a dark purple dress, with black detail, and a pair of long dark purple gloves. Her gem is located at her chest in the shape of a heart.


She is a very kind hearted gem and respects those around her, no matter what they have done to her as long as they mean no harm. Has a very soft side, although she only shows it to few gems. She is also extremely intelligent with knowledge that even the brothers are unaware of. But even with her knowledge, she can be lazy at times as she prefers to enjoy her life, rather then just working through it. She is considered to be the most Beautiful gem in existence, however unlike others gems with great beauty, she is not vain about it and in fact sometimes wishes she wasn't as beautiful as she is.

Fighting style

If you manange to get her to summon her swords, she will use them with blinding speed. She can also use extreme agility and precision rather then taking down someone using brute force. Most of the time she doesn't need to fight because of her beauty, but sometimes she would love to have a fight.


Although she rarely fights, she can pull out dual broadswords to slice enemies down. The swords are as beautiful as she is, with a stainless steel blade in a light purple, with a dark purple handle, and black detail. She is swift and silent with these weapons and because of that she is unbeatable. Unfortunately for her, she rarely uses them since to many enemies won't fight because of her beauty.


  • This character is based on a friend of vulture king named jinxbinx

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