Purple Tanzanite is the fusion of Amethyst and Onix in the legend of sapphire series


The fusion has a female appearance being slightly taller then Jasper with a well built body, long dark purple hair, and two eyes, one that has black pupils and the other having purple pupils. She has the same plump lips that Amethyst has as well as Onix's nose with violet colored skin. She wears armor similar to Onix that is dark purple with violet detail with spikes on the shoulder like Onix has. This fusion also wears a black cape that is slightly tattered. The gems on this fusion are dark purple, one being at the for head which is Onix's part of the fusion and Amethyst's being at the chest.


When these two Lovers fuse they become an unstoppable force. Combining Onix's seriousness and focus with Amethyst's wild and rapid attacks makes them a true threat in battle. The fusion has many traits of the two gems, including Amethyst's wild, ferocious, and level headed personality as well as Onix's serious, disciplined, and focused personality giving them the best of each others traits.


  • Shadow controlling powers
  • Summon duel versions of there weapon
  • Spinball attack
  • Fire rays of nightmares
  • Create black holes
  • Summon shadow minions for battle
  • Can preform whiplash with there weapon


Combining the rapid movement of Amethyst's whip with Onix's staff makes it an unstoppable Kusarigama chain weapon for battle. The bottom half of the staff is used as the handle for the weapon with the whip used as the chain that connects the weapon. The top half of Onix's staff is used as the blade of the weapon with the black hole on the top changing into a blade of dark matter. the movement of this weapon is swifter then any other making this a devastating force to recon with. The blade is so sharp that it can literally cut through anything that touches the blade.


  • This is the first fusion Onix dose that isn't with his brothers.
  • Amethyst can still preform her spinball in the fusion.
  • In the episode stuck together Onix and Amethyst will be stuck in there fusion along with Emerald and Garnet, Sapphire and Pearl, and Lapis and Steven.

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