Provoked Skies
DDG Ep 10 Title Card
Season 1, Episode 10
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Air date March 29th, 2015
Written by Mr. Napcakes
Directed by Mr. Napcakes
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"Provoked Skies" is the 10th episode of the first season in Dawn Dusk Gems,the 10th overall episode of the series, and the mid-season finale.


With the help of a new friend, the Gems attempt to save Jace.


Apatite walked towards the temple door, walking up the staircase as Rhodo followed her. Rhodo was a bit confused, raising an eyebrow.

Rhodo: Apatite, what are you doing?... Apatite: I’m getting help. This might not work, but I need you to be there when it happens.

Rhodo: Help from who?

Apatite: You’ll see.

Apatite asked Rhodo to activate the temple door at the same time she did. Rhodo still was a bit confused about her plan.

Rhodo: But that’d only bring us to the Burning Roo-

Then he stopped.

Rhodo: Oh!

They closed their eyes, their gems started to glow, and the temple door opened for the both of them. It was the Burning Room. All the bubbled gems they’ve collected for all of these years were still there. Apatite walked up to one particular bubble. The bubble she bubbled weeks, maybe even months ago. It was Malachite’s gem. She popped it, catching the gem from the air. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the gem. She took a deep breath, and started healing it. Rhodo stood there, quietly and astonished. To Apatite’s surprise, the gem started to glow! She placed it quickly, but gently on the floor as it flew into the air, creating a humanoid figure, then the hair and outfit. It was Malachite. She knelt down on the floor in pain, taking deep breaths.

Malachite: J-Jesus…

Apatite and Rhodo rushed to their friend. They knelt down with her and helped her up.

Malachite: Y-You healed me? You healed me!

Malachite gave Apatite a big hug, with tears running down her face. She smiled. She gave Rhodo a hug after that, and wiped her tears away. Rhodo looked at Apatite.

Rhodo: How did you heal her?

Apatite: I-I honestly don’t know! It was an attempt, but I’m not sure if it was successful… Malachite, do you feel weak at all?

Malachite: I feel perfectly fine!

Rhodo: Wait, how did you manage to heal her entirely? What happened with Moon…

Apatite: I-I guess my bond with Malachite healed her fully?...

Malachite dusted off her clothes. Now they were wondering what to do. Apatite put her hand on Malachite’s shoulder.

Apatite: Malachite, I’d hate to ruin the moment, but I healed you for your help.

Malachite raised an eyebrow and frowned.

Malachite: With what, exactly?

Rhodo: Our human, uh, friend got kidnapped by some gem named Rosaline…

Malachite: Wait, Rosaline?!

Apatite: *sigh* Yes, but they went through the ocean. They could be anywhere…

They all looked to the ground, thinking of a plan. Then Malachite came up with something.

Malachite: Hey, my bracelet can detect gems! I put in that feature when I joined the team, remember?

Apatite and Rhodo stared at each other, then back at Malachite.

Apatite: Of course! Malachite, please try to detect Rosaline.

Malachite: Gotcha.

Malachite activated her bracelet, letting out a hologram, similar to the hologram Peridot’s fingers create. She did some technical stuff that Apatite and Rhodo didn’t understand because the technology was new to them. Finally, Malachite clicked an icon of Rosaline’s gem, and it gave them coordinates and a picture of where she was. The hologram closed.

Apatite: That’s where I found your gem!

Malachite: Well, don’t just stand there, let’s go find Rosaline!

They all ran out of the Burning Room, and out to the sand. The quickly turned to the spot where Jace and Rosaline left. They ran towards it.

Rhodo: Hey, like old times? Malachite: Yeah, like old times…

Malachite summoned her weapon, which was a gigantic black cyber-scythe with neon green highlights, and twirled it around like a baton, alternating between her two hands. Then, she finally forced her scythe in front of her, causing a pulse so strong, it opened up a temporary path through the ocean. They all quickly ran to the cavern where Apatite originally found Malachite’s gem. They found Jace and Rosaline! Fortunately, Jace didn’t seem to be hurt, but he was calmly conversing with Rosaline. The Dawn Dusk Gems stayed quiet to listen to them.

Rosaline: -That’s why you can’t trust them, Jace. They kept me in there for thousands of years…

Jace: I know, but you have to forgive them! They’re gems like you!

Rosaline: Don’t you understand Jace? Those gems… They don’t really care about other gems! All they care about is this dumb pile of rock, but I never had faith in this place…

She turned away from Jace, frustrated. Jace put his hand on her shoulder and tried to reassure her, when he noticed Apatite, Rhodo, and a green gem he wasn’t familiar with.

Jace: Guys, you’re back!

Rosaline turned in surprise and fear. She stood up and picked up a gigantic boulder using her spacial abilities. She took a step back.

Rosaline: Stay away from me! Before I make you… !

The gems got into their fighting stances, summoning their weapons. Rosaline threw the boulder at them, but they quickly evaded. Malachite ran towards Rosaline very quickly, but Rosaline used a ton of her power to move Malachite out of the way. Malachite flew to the cave wall with great impact and took a few seconds to stand up again. Apatite got ready to fight Rosaline. She used her polearm and try to stab Rosaline, but she failed. Since Rosaline’s power was weakened due to moving a living being, she could only move inanimate objects for the time being, and she broke of the stalagmites from the ceiling and they floated in the air, awaiting their command, while Rosaline was in a fighting stance, frowning. She threw them one by one at Apatite, but Apatite’s cloud shields were no match for the stalagmites. Then, she shot Rosaline with an energy blast from her polearm. She was stunned and hit the floor. Rhodo looked like he was about to claw her. Jace was shocked. He ran in between the Dawn Dusk Gems and a weakened Rosaline.

Jace: STOP! Please, I can’t bare to see you hurt each other! You gems should be friends!

Apatite: There’s a lot you don’t know about gems, Jace!

Jace: Can’t you at least heal her? She won’t do any harm! Her gem is broken, and all she wants to do is go home!

The Dawn Dusk Gems paused. They turned to Rosaline, still trying to stand up. She moaned and stood up carefully, holding her arm that was injured.

Rosaline: I-I promise.... Just let me go home and I won’t bother you ever again!

The took a moment to decide. Apatite sighed and walked towards Rosaline.

Apatite: Turn around.

Rosaline turned around, showing her faded gem. Apatite placed her right hand on the pentagonal gem. She took and deep breath and exhaled. The gem was glowing, and it was brought back to its normal state. Rosaline closed her eyes, summoning spacial wings from her gem, and her overall appearance becoming brighter and more colorful. Jace saw her scleras and her pupils.

Rosaline: Thank you so much!

She flew away, into the ocean and out into the night sky. The gems brought Jace to the surface. Jace walked up to the gems on the beach sands, thanking them, and warped himself back home.

Malachite: So, she left Earth…

Rhodo: What does this mean for us and the other rebels?

Apatite: We’ll wait and see…




  • Malachite's Gem


  • Rise Island


  • This is the first time Apatite is shown to fully heal a gem.
    • Malachite is shown for the first time, being healed by Apatite.
  • Rosaline is healed by Apatite.
  • This is the first time a non-Dawn Dusk Gem is shown in Dawn Dusk Gems.

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