This is the eleventh episode of my series, The Rebellion

Proelium Gelu
Frost Battle
Season 1, Episode 11
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Air date Unknown
Written by User:LapisL6
Directed by User:LapisL6
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Saving the City Gone


While visiting a Gem battle sight, the New Crystal Gem's past is cleared a little.


[Episode enters with Topaz and Steven sitting on the couch. Turquoise is standing in the middle of the room, admiring his blade from the forest.]

Topaz: Since when are you good with a sword, Turquoise?

Turquoise: No idea, I just found out fighting those weird human Gem things.

Steven: What now? We fought off White Diamond, but I still get the feeling there's another Gem here.

Turquoise: Another Gem?! The nearest Gem, besides us, is...

Topaz: Who is it?

Turquoise: Aquamarine, the Gem who sacrificed himself to win a battle. He's very strong, but good thing he's frozen.

Topaz: Frozen?

Turquoise: I'll show you [He steps on the Warp Pad and Topaz and Steven follow.]

[They reappear in an abandoned city.]

Topaz: Woah, this place is creepy.

[They walk towards the center of the city and see something horrible. The center of the city is covered in ice, that stretches in a mile radius. There are frozen humans looking up at the sky, some holding their children. All the frozen statues were looking up, making the place even more creepy. More towards the center, was the worst part, hundreds of humans, holding weapons charging a Gem in the center. It looked like a display in a museum. The Gem in the center had was frozen falling over from all the humans.]

Topaz: [shivering] Is that Aquamarine? [Points at the Gem in the center.]

Turquoise: No, it's that one, [points above the Gem and they see another Gem holding his hands to the ground, most likely freezing the city.]

Topaz: Why would the Homeworld Gems do this?

Turquoise: Same reason they fought in the other war, they wanted to use Earth for reproduction, good thing we won this war, with help from the humans.

Topaz: Why does Homeworld have to use Earth, why not some other planet?

Turquoise: Because Earth already had life, they planned to use Earth's life to make Gem life, but it was wrong, so we stopped them.

Steven: Yeah, and I helped.

Turquoise: Actually, all of us helped.

Topaz: How'd I help?

Turquoise: In the battle of Dreamer's Forest, when you were little, you fought there with Diamond, Quartz, and I. Remember, in that battle it was a bunch of Crystal Gems and humans against that giant Gem, and we were goofing off?

Topaz: Yeah, can we get out of here, this place freaks me out.

[The episode ends as they warp away.]

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