This is the 3rd episode in the Legend of Sapphire.


Bill Dewey tries to get Pearl to go on a date with him, unware that Pearl is engaged to Sapphire.


The episode starts off with Pearl practicing her ice magic on the beach. Her skills are improving with being able to freeze anything with her magic but even with this improvement, she still needed work. Pearl then created a small orb of blue energy and fired it into the air. Once it reached the sky, it did a small explosion and with the magic of the shot, it make the clouds begin to make the snow fall. Meanwhile, Mayor Dewey was walking down the beach to talk to Steven about an issue involving the attack from Ruby, but he noticed Pearl on the beach. He saw the snow glistoning around her making him blush from her beauty. He continued walking to the beach house and knocked on the door. Garnet answered the door but didn't know why he was answered in the first place. Dewey asked if he could talk to Steven and Garnet replied by calling Steven which he answered to. Dewey asked him if he could talk to him in private and Steven agreed to this and went with him to the other end of the beach. Dewey told him that ever since the attack with Ruby, people have been worried about her returning to Beach City and wondered if Steven had a solution or if one of his sisters knew a solution. Steven didn't know what he meant by sisters not knowing that he was talking about the gems. Steven then replied by saying that the brothers could help him if he wanted. Dewey didn't know about the brothers and asked who they were. Steven told him that they are ancient gems that created the universe in the beginning of time. Dewey didn't believe in that however he accepted the offer and asked if he could speak with the brothers. Steven then told him that they were on a mission and won't be back till sundown. Dewey then asked him how he could get those powers that the other gems have. Steven told him that only gems have that power but there was one thing that could get him those powers. Steven told him about an artifact that Emerald had in his room that could temporarily make anything into a gem. Dewey asked him if he could get the artifact but Steven wasn't so sure about doing that. Desperately, he begs Steven to get the artifact and Steven could resist. Steven went into the temple quickly and went into Emerald's room. He found a small chest that was still open and inside found the artifact. He ran back outside and returned to mayor Dewey. Steven told him to keep it with him until sundown in order to make sure he doesn't get into trouble. Dewey promised and got the artifact which was a small necklace. He put it on and at first it seemed like nothing happened but suddenly he felt a burning sensation and a gem popped out of his chest. His hair turned a dark red and his suit turned red with fire detailing. Steven then gave him a gem name called Fire Opal and Dewey thanks Steven and walked down the beach.

He noticed at the other end of the beach, there was some form of gem monster attacking Pearl and the other gems. He tried to summon a weapon but had difficulties at first but managed to pull out a battle axe for combat. The monster uses its massive arms to knock Pearl down and the other gems. The creature gets closer about to finish them off when suddenly a fireball hits the monster. He turns revealing it was Dewey who fired the shot and charged at him. Dewey or as he called himself Fire Opal jumps over the monster and runs to check on the gems. They were shocked to see that he saved them but the fight wasn't over yet. The monster charged again and this time, Mayor Dewey lights his battle axe on fire and slashes the beast making it collapses onto the ground. Pearl was amazed to see his power but was still confused on how he got that power in the first place. He holds out his hand and helps Pearl up and Pearl begins to ask how he got that power. Dewey unbuttoned the top buttons of his suit revealing a gem saying that he has always had this power. Pearl then asked what real name was then. Dewey told her that his name was Fire Opal and asked if they could talk a little later at the lighthouse. Pearl agreed and then walked back inside with the other gems unware that Steven saw what happened. Steven realize he wanted that artifact so he flirt with Pearl and felt guilty for his actions. A little later, Pearl walked outside and went to the lighthouse to talk to Dewey. He was already looking up there looking out at the sea waiting for Pearl. Pearl appears behind him and walks up to Dewey. He then asks if she ever thought he would be a gem. Pearl was honest and told him that she had never thought he would be a gem but was suprised by his powers he had. Meanwhile back at the temple, the warp pad activates and the brothers return early seeing only Steven in the beach house. Steven then walks up to Sapphire and asks if he could talk to him in private. Sapphire went outside with Steven and asked what this was about. Steven took a deep breath and told him about the artifact and that mayor Dewey was using its powers to flirt with Pearl. Steven worried that Sapphire would be mad at him but he told Steven that although he did the wrong thing, he knew that Steven had good intention and didn't know this would happen. Sapphire however, was mad at Dewey and asked where they were. Steven told him that they were at the lighthouse talking. Sapphire ran up there and saw the two.

Pearl and Dewey were talking about the fight from earlier and he slowly tries to hold Pearl's hand. But Sapphire then asks what this was about. Pearl walked to Sapphire and told him that they were talking about how he was a gem the entire time. Sapphire told her that was not a gem and that he had the artifact that changed him into one. Dewey said that was a lie and told him that he wasn't going to stop him. Sapphire angrily created a dome out of ice around the lighthouse and summoned his weapons. Dewey laughs a bit and fires a blast of fire at the side of the dome but doesn't melt it. Dewey had no choice but to fight and summoned his battle axe and prepared to fight. Sapphire looked into his eyes and saw a sense of confidence in him that he would win the fight but he knew that would not happen. Dewey charged at him and tried to slash him but was to slow with his attack. Sapphire then fired an ice beam at Dewey that affected him but got back up. He fires shots of fire at Sapphire but he blocks them all and charges at Dewey, attempting to slash him. Dewey blocked the attack but when he got close Sapphire kicked him out of the way. Dewey then tried to attack with his axe but Sapphire caught the handle with his scythe and cut it in half. Pearl was shocked to see this but was just hoping that Sapphire couldn't get hurt. Dewey tried to get back up but Sapphire kicked him again leaving him on the ground. Sapphire then slashed the gem and Pearl worried that would injured Dewey badly but instead it restored him to normal and make the necklace fall off of him. Pearl was suprised to see this and walked over to Sapphire. Sapphire then held the scythe to his neck and asked him why he was trying to get with his fiancée. Dewey explained that he didn't know and apologizes for his actions. Sapphire then puts his scythe back, makes the ice dome disappear, and helps Dewey up. He tells Dewey that if it happened again, he will regrets his actions. Dewey agreed and then began to walk away. Pearl explained he didn't know that this was Dewey trying to flirt with her but Sapphire knew and told her that it wasn't her fault. Pearl explained that she was just happy that Sapphire was alright from the fight and hugs him tight. The two then split from the hug and both Sapphire and Pearl walk back to the temple ending the episode


  • Steven
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Rose Quartz
  • Garnet
  • Amethyst
  • Pearl
  • Onyx
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Mayor Bill Dewey/Fire Opal


  • This is the first time a human fights a gem.
  • This is the first time a human uses the artifact Emerald had to become a gem.
  • This idea for an episode was given to vulture king by neonclover
  • Bill Dewey doesn't know that Pearl is engaged.

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