Season 1, Episode 1
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Air date April 11, 2015
Written by Glory'sCrowning
Directed by Glory'sCrowning
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We get introduced to the Alien Gems, (Ain, Savi, and Latulus) and they find an abandoned Gem temple. The Alien Gems are confused at its presence, as they landed on Earth by mistake and had no idea that the Gems already knew about it. (This is explained) We do not get much insight on why the Alien Gems look so weird, as not much is explained about their history.



The scene opens up with a pan of an icy tundra with three strange shapes traveling in the snow. It zooms in, and we recognize the characters from the title sequence, Ain in his bubble of water, frozen, Latulus up to his body in snow, and Savi slithering through without too much success.

Latulus: How come I have to carry Ain?

Savi: You're the only one that has good levitation besides him.

Latulus: Why did we have to land at the pole of this planet? It's soooo cold.

Savi: Well you shouldn't be complaining, you were the one who lived on a frozen planet. I lived in a freaking jungle!!

Latulus: *flops down on the snow* That was a long time ago.

The snow gets thicker, and the whole screen becomes white.

Latulus: Omph, Savi, was that your tail?! I can't see a thing and now you're tripping me.

Savi: Um, I'm behind you.

The snow gets a bit lighter, and a whole hand can be seen poking out from beneath the snow

Latulus: Woah... That is not your tail...

Savi slithers up to the top of the hand, and a head comes in view. The head has gems on both of her cheeks.

Savi: I think we've found a gem controlled planet... It looks like a gem temple.

Latulus: ...Should we go in?

Savi: It looks abandoned... But there may still be gems inside.

Latulus: I don't think so... and maybe if they are, they'll have pity on us.

Savi: Huh. Doubt it. Although... We do need to unfreeze Ain. I guess we'll go in.

Latulus: Now all we have to do is find an entrance.

Savi and Latulus look for an entrance, leaving Ain's frozen bubble behind. They climb all over the temple, and finally find an entrance at the top of the head.

Latulus: I found it! We may have to levitate down, but it'll be fine

Savi: *Slithers up with Ain's bubble on her back* Um, there's a staircase Latulus. Come on, hopefully there will be a warp pad so we aren't stuck in layers of snow all the time.

Latulus resumes carrying Ain's bubble, which is starting to melt. The three head down the stairs to the belly of the temple.

Ain: Ahhh... I'm unfrozen guys. You can stop carrying me.

Latulus: GOOD finally.

Ain: I'm not that heavy...

Latulus: Hey look! A warp pad! I wonder how many places we can warp to...

Savi: Um, let's save that for another date... Hey look! A door! I remember these... They're so fun! Ach let's see if we can get one open!

Latulus: 'Um, let's save that for another date...' So you're willing to explore the dangerous temple instead of the warps? Huh? The door doesn't even have any gems on it! Ugh.

Savi: Well maybe we can find a way to put our gems on it! Gah!

Savi and Latulus start arguing


Savi and Latulus stop, grumbling.

Ain: We can do that all later. Right now we have to end this episode get our selves settled. We're going to stay here for a while, I don't think we have anywhere else to go.

The episode ends.

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