Season 1A, Episode 1
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Air date June 7,2015
Written by jordancon2000
Directed by jordancon2000
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TBA The Return of Yellow Diamond


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Pearl: Steven, it's ok.

Steven: But, I'm gonna miss you guys.

Amethyst: Don't worry dude, we'll be back in 100 years.

Steven: I'll be dead!

Garnet: Don't worry Steven, we'll be back before you know it.

Steven: Can I come with?

Pearl: No.

Steven: Why?!

Garnet: Because all the gems back in home world don't like humans.

Amethyst: Instead, they eat them for breakfast.

Steven: What?!

Pearl: Amethyst!

Garnet: She's just kidding.

Amethyst: Bye Steven!(warps her and the others)

Steven: This is lame, I really want to see what the gem home world looks like.


Lapis: Hey Steven!

Steven: Hey Lapis.

Lapis: What's wrong?

Steven: Garnet, Amethyst & Pearl(gets cut off by Lapis)

Lapis: And Steven!

Steven: (looks at Lapis with an eyebrow raised)

Lapis: Sorry.

Steven: They went back to the home world to check up on things.

Lapis: And didn't take you?

Steven: No.

Lapis: Oh, well I need to find Jaspar and teach her a lesson.

Steven: Ok.

Lapis: Bye.(spreads wings and flies off)

Steven: (sees something shiny) What's that?

Connie: (walks up to Steven) Hey Steven!

Steven: Hey Connie.

Connie: Wat'cha doing?

Steven: Trying to figure out what that shiny thing is.

Connie: Oh.

Steven: (picks up the shiny thing and finds out that it's a gem regenerating)

Connie: Is that a gem?

Steven: Yeah!

Connie: Do you think there's someone in there?

Steven: I...(sees gem lift up into the air and turns into a Human/Gem Hybrid)

Connie: Wow!

Spike: Hi! I'm Spike, what's your name?

Steven: I'm Steven.

Connie: I'm Connie.

Spike: Why are you looking at my like that?

Steven: Because I didn't know there was another Human/Gem Hybrid.

Spike: Yeah, me and my sister are. How do you know about gems?

Connie: Because Steven's a crystal gem.

Spike: The Crystal Gems?

Steven: Yeah.

Spike: With Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl & Rose.

Connie: Yeah, but Rose doesn't exist anymore.

Spike: Aw! That's really sweet. How do you know Rose.

Steven: She's my mom.

Spike: Oh cool, she was a really good friend of mine.

Steven: Oh.

Connie: Well, you wanna be friends with us?

Spike: Sure, but we need to find my sister.

Steven: Ok.

Girl: Help!

Connie: Who are you?

Girl: Help me! This girl is trying to fuse with me.

Spike: What?

Unknown Gem: Just trust me.

Girl: No!

Steven: Just do it, um...what's your name.

Girl: My name's Jenny.

Unknown Gem: My name's Yellow Diamond.

Steven: Yellow Diamond!

Yellow Diamond: Yeah, that's what I said.

Spike: Oh my god!

Crystal: Hey Spike!

Spike: Crystal, there you are.

Crystal: Nice look.

Spike: You too.

Yellow Diamond: Fuse with me or die!

Steven: "Gasps"

To Be Continued...



  • Steven Universe
  • Spike Jefferson
  • Crystal Jefferson
  • Garnet
  • Amethyst
  • Pearl
  • Connie
  • Lapis
  • Jenny


  • Yellow Diamond

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