steven: yes.

calim: JASPER! I know that idiot would come back!

lapis: but nothing explain peridot!

calim: well...peridot is our fault..

pearl: REALLY?!

calim: yes we found her in regeneration form and put in burning room...

amethyst: hey guys what we will make with pot of gold?

pearl: nothing....

*something explodes outside*

*everyone go check*

green berryl: MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

calim; its... *looks at head and nose* A FUSION OF PERIDOT WITH JASPER!

garnet: OH NO

green berryl: *summons a helmet who throws marble robot grenade*


*everyone runs to the gem battlefield warp pad*


green berryl: *unfuses*

peridot: I have a ideia... *come closer to jasper and hits own gem*

jasper: we are inside a marble robot?

peridot: yes! *run to the warp pad*

steven: the gem battlefield?

*"marble robot" teleports*

pearl: GAH!

*everyone summons weapon*

amethyst: wait is just one of the ball guys...

jasper: *summons helmet and jumps at garnet*

garnet: ARGH! *try to blocks and break vizor*

garnet: *summons another vizor*

jasper: *run at garnet*

garnet: *jumps*

peridot: JASPER PICK IT! *picks gem destabilizer and throw at jasper*

jasper: *picks it* *try to damage garnet but steven blocks*

pearl and amethyst: STEVEN!


peridot: they are too powerfull! I will teleport! gbye!

peridot: *tries to teleport*

amethyst: YOU WILL NOT GO! *picks peridot with whip and dont make her teleport*

peridot: ARGH!

amethyst: *use whip to make jasper immobile*

peridot: *hits gem in jasper's arm*

*some type of ball appear around jasper and peridot, making them dessapear*


garnet: *tries to punch jasper and accidentally hits a strawberry*

???: WOOF!

lapis: *eating chocolate* I heard a dog?

*some red electricity appear*

???: WOOF! WUF!

garnet: ITS AN ENEMY!


*the ??? appear*

pity: woof wof! *shows red electricity*

calim: PITY! *picks pity*

pity: *licks calim*

steven: is this calim's dog?

pearl; technically

calim: I will tell to you the story now...

lapis: story timeee... duh *swim in chocolate*

calim: In the war who happened in this battlefield, one of peridot's robots was "defective" and had a dog form.

calim: because of this, the other robonoids ignore him. but he was not bad like the other, he really behaves like a dog. He licked me and ignored peridot's commands, we becoe best friends!

calim: but peridot almost killed him! but I protected him but...he dessapeared. but now we are here together!

pearl: do you think this war will happen again? wha happened 3 seconds ago...

lapis: this was more to Invasion insteand of War.

*everyone go back to the temple

steven: soo..him has your Gem?

calim: yes!

*rose appears from the room*

rose: did I missed something

everyone: ROSE!!!

steven: MOM!

rose: hi dear.

*another random sound comes from outisde*

calim: AGAIN

*they go check*

jasper: hi sweetie!

lapis and calim: shut up.

jasper: soo...liked the new robots that peridot give to me? well.. I will destroy everything that you love RIGHT NOW!

pity: woof! woof! *run to jasper*

pity: *bites robot eating one part of him*

jasper: ABOOMINATION! *smashes pity*

pity: ..*falling and breaking into pieces* woof..wuff... *breaks into pieces* ...

calim: PITY!!!!!!!

jasper: starting by the random dog MUAHAHAHA

calim: *picks lapis hand*

lapis: *blushes* uh..

calim: *start dances with lapis*

jasper: oh are you trying to make me jealous?


jasper: what you can make? dance with lapis? pfft...I dont have something to love to you destroy...and you will dont have couarage to destroy what I love *looks at lapis*

lapis: *T-T face*

*lapis and calim fuses*

jasper: ohhhh? this is shooooo scary omg what I did to you? *smashes pity's pieces* MUAHAHAH

azurite: YOU JUST MADE THE MOST WRONG ERROR OF YOUR ENTIRE LIFE! *summons water arms and destroy the another robots*

jasper: what...huh?! well I can make this *transform the robot into a submarine*

azurite: *summons an water arm behind jasper* AND BECAUSE OF THIS, YOU WILL BE MY PRISIONER *the arm transform into a water chain and the chains go to the chest of the robot* FOREVER!

jasper: wait?! *another arms get summoned* NO *the arms transform into chains and slowly drag jasper's submarine to the depth of the beach, going to the ocean* NO! NOOOOOOOO!!!!

*the chains sucefully make jasper's submarine in the depth of the ocean forever*

azurite: *unfuses*

calim: *run to pity's pieces* *is about to cry*

lapis: *sit in side of calim* dont worry, we will find a way to repair pity *bubble up pity pieces* ok?

calim: *sigh* ok...*gets a bit happy*

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