Pegui also known as "Pity" is a character in LB Fandom and Remastered LB Fandom.


He is similiar to Dogcopter, same body shape,but with red color and Flask Robonoid leg.he have Calim's gemstone on right eye.


According to Caliim he was created by Peridot, but don't obbey her because she ignored him because he was "defective".

As shown in Story From the Past, Peridot wants any Flask Robonoid, defective or not, to obbey her or will get destroyed. When Peridot prepared laser, Garnet punched the cannon and made it shot Jasper.

In Petferct he is destroyed by Jasper, but later in Friend Lapis and Coral heals him.


  • He is based on the creator of the LB Fandom (LikeBrony/CalimTheCrystalGem)'s real life dog.
  • One of his nicknames, "Pipegui", is also one of the nicknames for his real life dog.

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