Peedee 2
Anna Maheswaran

Synopsis This episode involves Peedee Fryman and Annie Maheswaran`s relationship.


The episode begins with Peedee is seen wearing a blue sweater waiting for a customer too come until Annie comes and happily says a hello to Peedee as Peedee happily say hello back to her as Peedee blushes and gives her some french fries as Annie asks on why did Peedee blushed at her thinking he might like her more as a friend and not as a crush but Annie tells Peedee the truth and that she cannot hide her feelings anymore and admits her romantic feelings for Peedee as Peedee admits that he feels the same way as Annie asks if he really does which Peedee says that he would never be lying to her.Peedee blushes in embarassment and asks Annie if she would love to be his girlfriend as Annie happily says yes. Peedee asks Steven to help him on his first date with Annie as Steven says The Big Donut would work as Peedee and Annie sit down at a table as Sadie introduces herself and happily calls Peedee and Annie a happy couple as Steven asks where is Lars as Sadie explains that she has married Lars and says that she is a busy wife at her house and says that Lars is at home taking care of her children as Steven says that he is very happy for Sadie and for Lars as well and Sadie says with a thank you and marks that she loves her Lars very much. Peedee attempts to kiss her on the cheek as Annie blushes. as her older sister Connie comes in and meets Steven and asks on what is Annie doing with Peedee as Steven says that they are now a couple as Connie says that she is very happy for her younger sister. Peedee gives her flowers as Annie says she loves as she happily hugs Peedee in happiness.



This episode revealed Annie`s crush on Peedee.

Annie offically becomes Peedee`s girlfriend.

Peedee kisses Annie for the first time.

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