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Pearlnet is the first episode in the series "Chocolate Thunda"


In the canon universe, Garnet and Pearl practice their fusion dance.

Extended Plot

(Set - Amethyst's Room)

Pearl: Amethyst! Give me back my sword!

Amethyst: Your sword? What do you mean "your sword"

Pearl: You know exactly what I mean! If you don't return it this second I'm telling Garnet!

Amethyst: Ugh! You really are no fun anymore (Pulls sword out from underneath a pile of rubbish) Here ya go!

Pearl: Thank you, now I need to be heading back to my room and return this sword. (Goes towards her room)

Steven: Agghg!

(Steven falls down from the top of the water towers, Garnet jumps down and catches him)

Steven: Hey guys!

Pearl: Steven! That was incredibly dangerous!

Garnet: It's alright, I have him.

Pearl: Oh! Of course Garnet (Blushes)

Amethyst: Hey Steven! Whatcha doing in the temple?

Steven: I was co-

Garnet: I wanted him here...

Pearl: Why?! It's incredibly dangerous in the crystal temple!

Garnet: Well, we are doing what Steven wants to do today.

Amethyst & Pearl: We are?!

Steven: Yep!

Amethyst: Ugh, lame!

Pearl: It's not lame! It's just, uh... not an incredible idea.

Garnet: We are going to do it, I found it in this book. (Throws pink book to Pearl)

Pearl: (Reading out loud) Parents guide for raising children? Are you sure this is what we need?

Garnet: Yes... now, what first, Steven?

Steven: Hmm... DONUTS!


( Set - Big Donut )

(Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl and Steven all walk through the door)

Steven: Hey Lars! Hey Sadie!

Sadie: Hey Steven! (Smiles)

Lars: Oh, Steven? You brought the Crystal Fems?

Pearl: Steven, what does he mean by that?

Steven: Ugh, Lars, we ar-

Garnet: We are the Crystal Gems! (Summon gauntlets) Garnet!

Amethyst: (Pulls whip out) Amethyst!

Pearl: (Summons spear) Pearl

Steven: And Steven! (Slaps stomach)

Lars: Ugh....

Sadie: So, I guess you want three doughnuts?

Pearl: No, I don't eat...(Shudders, whispers) It's so disgusting....

Garnet: I'll take a coffee...

Amethyst: I want a doughnut!

Steven: We'll just take four doughnuts and a coffee..

Lars: Coming right up...

Sadie: That's $5.60 Steven.

Steven: Oh uh, I have a $3 note... Can you add to my tab?

Sadie: Of course, that's just $760.70 in total...

Lars: Here's the donuts and the coffee Steven and be careful, the coffee is hot.

Steven: Thanks Lars! Let's go guys!

Amethyst: Gimme! (Snatches a doughnut out of the bag, eats it quickly)

Garnet: I'll take my coffee, (Pours the coffee into mouth, throws it away)

Steven: Let's go to... FUNLAND!



  • Pearl
  • Garnet
  • Amethyst
  • Steven
  • Connie
  • Stevonnie
  • Lars
  • Pearl


  • This is the first episode in the entire series.
  • Pearlnet is the "ship" name of Pearl and Garnet.

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