"Pearl's Date" is the first episode of the first season of Celebration Fandom. It is also the pilot episode, respectively.

Pearl's Date
Season 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date The date you read this.
Written by SUcelebration94
Directed by SUcelebration94
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This is the first of many to come. Regeneration


Mayor Dewey takes Pearl on a date.


The episode starts with Mayor Dewey walking to the beach house around two in the afternoon. He knocks on the door, Pearl answers. He was about to tell Pearl something, but then Steven interjects, saying hi. The mayor, in response, says, "Carwash Kid! I'm TRYING to ask your sister Penny out to dinner!", then covering his mouth and blushing, realizes what he said. Pearl has an angry, but surprised look on her face. The mayor immediately has a saddened look on his face, realizing Pearl was going to reject him. Then Steven, seeing Mayor Dewey's sad face, encourages Pearl to go with Mayor Dewey. Then Pearl reluctantly accepts the date, but then asking to not go to dinner. The mayor immediately suggests a movie instead. Pearl reluctantly agrees again, asking what time she should be ready. the mayor tells Pearl he'll pick her up at seven that night, and leaves, acting ridiculously overexcited. Pearl then starts freaking out, not knowing what to do on a date. Steven suggests they ask Garnet, but Pearl says Garnet can't know. Then Steven suggests they ask Greg. Pearl reluctantly agrees. (Scene switch to It's A Wash). After Pearl explains her situation to Greg, Greg gives her "Dating 101", telling her exactly what to do and how to act. "Well, the first thing you do is dress up. Then your date will give you flowers. Then he will open the door for you..." (Time change to just before seven at the beach house.) Pearl asks how she looks. Steven says she looks pretty. Just then, Mayor Dewey pulls up and walks over to Pearl, who is on the porch. Mayor Dewey gives Pearl some flowers, which Pearl thanks him for. Mayor Dewey then takes Pearl to his car, and she sits down in the shotgun seat. Mayor Dewey gets in the car, and drives to the movie theater. When they got to the theater, Mayor Dewey and Pearl walk up to the clerk, and Mayor Dewey asks for two tickets to see "Up". They buy the tickets, and go watch the movie. After the movie, Mayor Dewey takes Pearl home. Pearl is blushing and giggling as she walks up to the beach house. Pearl whispers as she walks in the house, "I'll see you next week." THE END.



Mayor Dewey

Steven Universe

isabelle universe

sean (Mentioned)

Clerk bro


  • Mayor Dewey acts on his feelings for Pearl in this episode.
    • It is revealed Mayor Dewey likes Pearl in "Political Power."
  • Mayor Dewey references "Political Power" again by calling Pearl Steven's sister.
  • Mayor Dewey refers to Pearl as "Penny" at the beginning of the episode, most likely to mishearing her name previously.
  • Mayor Dewey references the episode "Mirror Gem" when he calls Steven "Carwash Kid."
  • Pearl freaks out when Steven suggests telling Garnet something, referencing "Secret Team."
  • Pearl and Mayor Dewey go to the same theater Steven and Connie went to in "Lion 2 the Movie"
  • Mayor Dewey and Pearl see the movie "Up", a movie about a man trying to get to Paradise Falls in a floating house.
  • Pearl and Mayor Dewey start dating (secretly) in this episode.
  • Running Gag- Pearl reluctantly agreeing to do something.

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