Past Lives
Season Season 1, Episode 3, Episode unknown
Vital statistics
Air date July 14, 2015
Written by JinxBinx, LunaSapphire, SapphireTheCrystalGem, BoyGemGirlGem, NeonClovers.
Directed by Unknown
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"Past Lives" Is the third episode of the first season of Lost Gems.


Kinoite tells the Gems about the Homeworld war.


Flower Field


Important Objects


The group of gems stood in a valley full of all different kinds of beautiful flowers, in the afternoon. Peruvian Opal summoned food from his gem and put it on the ground. He also pulled out a picnic blanket. Peru peacefully nommed on a pear. Iolite looked at Peruvian Opal with a smile, and then helped him set up the Picnic. Crystal Quartz watched, slowly joining to help them. Peruvian looked over to Kinoite.

Peruvian Opal: Um, Ms. Kinoite. What is a Hogarmundo? A Homeworld?

Kunzite then sat down next to Iolite, and ate a sandwich. Silver then sat down next to Crystal, once she was done.

Kunzite : Homeworld...The last place I remember...And the memories aren't fond, I suppose.

Chalcedony sat down, followed by Cassi. She grabbed an apple, and took a bite out of it. Cassi looked around.

Peruvian Opal: I remember these words: Homeworld, Peru, Hollow, and Invasion. But they have no meaning to me. Like made up words in my head.

Cassi: that like...our home? Since it's called Homeworld?

Crystal: I think...I am not sure though...

Iolite sips her tea.

Iolite: Homeworld...

Kinoite: Homeworld is the main land for gems. 

Silver is looking at herself in a mirror, almost as if she doesn't care about the conversation.

Kunzite looks over at Sliver.

Kunzite : Aren't you intrested in the topic, Sliver? 

Silver: Totally....

Kunzite looks at Silver, and rolls her eyes slightly.

Peruvian Opal: Another thing I can't figure out is this tingling sensation. Like I was about to summon something if I was in danger.

Kinoite looked down.

Kinoite: I suppose I should-

She stopped, wondering what would happen if she told them. Iolite looks up from her tea, and looks around.

Iolite : Why did you stop, Kinoite?

Kinoite: Do you remember anything about Kindergartens?

Silver's mirror slips out of Silver's hands, somehow hitting Kunzite. Kunzite blinks, and grabs the mirror, looking at it.

Kunzite : Hmm, you dropped your mirror.

Silver: Hey! Give me that!

Peruvian Opal: No. What's a Kindergarten?

Crystal: Not at all!


Cassi: Oh! Isn't that some grade level?

Iolite : Kindergarten? I think it's something to do with...Gems?

Kunzite looks at Sliver, and grins, holding the mirror up.

Kunzite : Hmm...Would you listen to the conversation if I gave this back?

Silver: No!

Kunzite sighs, and looks at the mirror, comtemplating, and then giving it back.

Silver: Thank you!

Kunzite : Hmph.

Silver: I still won't watch though!

Kunzite facepalms, and groans, taking it from her, and then sitting back down next to Iolite. Iolite blinks, and continues sipping her tea. Chalcedony just stares at them, trying her best not to laugh. Kunzite bubbles the mirror, holding it away from Silver.

Silver: What did you just do...?!

Kunzite : I bubbled it.

Silver: You weren't supposed to do that!

Kinoite: A Kindergarten is a place where gems are generated using injectors.

Crystal: Generated...? Injectors...?

Kunzite : Why?

Iolite : Ugh, this conversation is getting nowhere.

Silver: Because the mirror was mine! That's why!

Cassi: Injectors huh...?

Chalcedony: That sounds...i think i know what you're talking about..

Iolite : Injectors? Aren't those used for...Hmm...

Peruvian Opal: Now that you mention it, The Kindergarten sounds familiar.

Kinoite projects a holographic image from the gem on her chest. It shows a large paragraph of text in gem language.

Kinoite: This says 'Over 5,000 years ago, Homeworld entered Planet Earth, and created Kindergartens. Canyons which injectors have generated gems in. Harmless as it was, Rose Quartz, a trusted gem, rebelled against the Homeworld.

The text Kinoite projected from her gem was true, but written from the perspective of a Homeworld Gem. It made it seem like Rose Quartz was the evil one. Iolite holds her head, a sudden headache pained her. Peruvian Opal held his head too in pain also. Iolite looks at Kinoite.

Iolite : Kinoite, who is Rose Quartz? 

Kinoite's gem then projected an image of Rose Quartz.

Kinoite: Rose Quartz was a high ranking gem in Homeworld. There isn't much information about her from what I see, but gems who participated in the Homeworld say she was respected.

Kunzite blinks, and looks at Kinoite, stopping aruging for a minute. The image of Rose Quartz had a small pink diamond below it.

Cassi: Dang, that lady is huge...

Chalcedony elbows Cassi on the side.

Chalcedony: Don't be so rude...

Crystal Quartz: She is humongous!

Iolite : She's wonderful.

Peruvian Opal: Giant Woman.

Kunzite : But, what happened to Rose?

Kinoite: Nobody from Homeworld knows. After they lost in the war, they went back to Homeworld. It seems she may still be here on Earth.

Kunzite eyes are starry, and she looks at the picture surprised.

Kunzite : Wow, really?!

Kinoite: It seems, but nobody is for sure.

Crystal Quartz: Nobody?

Iolite smiles, and has starry eyes.

Iolite : Rose Quartz is a great Gem.

Kunzite : Yeah, I wish I could've met her.

Kinoite: She rebelled against the Homeworld and her members destroyed many gems during the war.

Kunzite suddenly gasps and holds her head in pain.

Kunzite : Agh!

Crystal Quartz: Destroyed....gems...?!

Iolite groans and holds her head in pain, as memories start to appear.

Kinoite: Are you okay?

Iolite : Nnn, I'm just....Remembering things...

Crystal Quartz: Remembering....things? What things?

Iolite suddenly starts to remember herself and a Pink gem...Kunzite! They're...on...a strange planet...Starts with H..Home..Homeworld! 

Kunzite starts remembering the same things.

Iolite : I remember Homeworld!

Peruvian Opal holds his head too as he remembers holes shaped like gems. He remembers humans running around in panic and gem lasers attacking the citizens. He also remembers Homeworld and it's gems taking him away for some...experiment.

Peruvian Opal: Kindergarten. Now I know why that was familiar.....

Chalcedony and Cassi, as well as Crystal Quartz also holds their head in pain. Kunzite remembers a tall yellow gem, and the gem looks at the younger Kunzite and Kunzite sees a Yellow Diamond as her gem.

Kunzite: Y-Yellow...Diamond...

Iolite looks at Kunzite with a shocked and scared look.

Iolite: We were..a part of her army...

Kinoite: Hmm...? Yellow Diamond is a high authority gem in Homeworld. 

Kunzite looks at the faded diamond on her shirt.

Kunzite: Iolite and I used to be Homeworld scouts....

Iolite : This has taken...A rather odd turn.

Crystal Quartz starts to remember a medium height brown gem, and the gem approaches her before the memory ends.

Peruvian Opal: I was made in a Kindergarten. Then I was taken straight to the anti-regeneration room. I didn't get to do a-anything........

Crystal Quartz: I remember a gem.... 

Kunzite remember's being Destablized, and  Silver stops looking at the mirror, starting to remember a gem attacking her.

Kinoite: 'Anti-regeneration' room? That must have been the first test for a destabilizer. But why would they bring any of you there?

Iolite remembers herself fighting the other gem for Kunzite and being destabilized.

Crystal Quartz starts to remember the first two letters of the brown gem's name.

Kunzite rubs her forehead and groans in pain.

Kunzite : Ugh, headache.

Crystal Quartz: I think I remember a part of the gem's name. It started with 'Sp'.

Iolite : 'Sp'?

Crystal Quartz: I think there was more....I can't remember the rest though of his name.....

Kinoite: Interesting. I'm going to make a temporary base. It will have a shelter and rooms that you can use your gem to configure the metaphysical properties of. The ship is too small to stay in. 

Iolite gets up, still shakey.

Iolite : Could I help?

Kunzite looks at Silver, and remember's her in her memories.

Kinoite and Iolite walk over to a flowery spot not too far from the ship.

Kunzite : Silver, I remember you...

Silver starts to remember Kunzite as well.

Silver: I remember you too....

Kunzite smiles, and giggles a little.

Kunzite : I guess we were close back then...

Iolite : Soooo, how do we make a room?



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