Paradox Universe
DDG Ep 31 Title Card
Season 2, Episode 11
Vital statistics
Air date July 9th, 2015
Written by Mr. Napcakes
Directed by Mr. Napcakes
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Quiet Place The Leaf Village
"Paradox Universe" is the 11th episode of the second season in Dawn Dusk Gems, and the 31st overall episode of the series.

DISCLAIMER: This episode's long as Hell. Be prepared for that. XD


Rosaline attempts to escape a gem warship she has no memory of getting on.


Darkness. Descent. She felt like she was falling. Nothing in view besides the blackness and death of everything around her. Her red hair was flowing, as well as her blouse. She looked scared, but it ended soon enough. A voice was calling her name. It was gentle at first, but then it got louder, and louder… Eventually, the voice was cold and demanding. It scared her. She woke up.

???: ROSA!

Rosaline wakes up from her nightmare, seeing a green ceiling with a yellow frame to the left of her, she turns to her left in panic and realizes she’s in a small cell. She jumps back, hands against the wall in fear, panting, staring at the yellow cell door. There are murmurs heard from every corner of the hallway. She can see someone she recognizes. A woman with spiky bluish hair and greenish skin, along with white markings throughout her skin. She has a visor on her right eye, and she’s glaring at Rosa.

GSS: Good, you’re awake. God, you’re a heavy sleeper…

Rosa, still frightened, isn’t able to talk in full sentences at the moment.

Rosa: Cracked… Gem…!

Sapphire’s gem was in fine condition, oddly enough. Rosa surely remembers her gem getting scratched by Lucia when they were on the warship.

GSS: We are getting close to Praelior. Better be ready when we call you down.

Rosa: Call me down?...

Rosa can finally speak normally. She’s calmed down now.

Rosa: You mean… You’re not going to keep an eye on me?

GSS: You were once a Homeworld Gem. I expect you to have some discipline.

GSS glares at her and leans in.

GSS: Don’t mess that up.

A voice calls Sapphire’s name from the right. The voice gets louder and footsteps can be heard coming towards them.


GSS turns to her left to see Kyanite, her superior. Rosa is a bit shocked, but mostly confused. How was she still active? She could have never gotten out of the situation she was in. She was weak and outnumbered.

Rosa: H-how are you-

Kyanite turns to her, glaring.

Kya: How am I what?

Rosa: N-nothing…

Rosa remains seated as Sapphire and Kyanite continue to talk. She watched the two and listened closely.

Kya: What’s the command code for the landing sequence?

GSS: Oh, why it’s “3 Double X YZ Triple A 74”.

Kya: 3XXYZAAA74”.... Okay, I got it. Move along now.

Kyanite goes back to where she came from as Rosaline just watches everything play out. Suddenly, more footsteps are heard, but they’re coming from the left this time. Sapphire looks to her right to see a man in goggles and a military uniform. He looks stern, glaring straight at Sapphire. Rosaline is shocked to see him.

Diopside: Green, we have a new one. Apparently she’s been working with them the whole time.

Rosa looks at his hand. He seems to have a royal teal colored gem in his right hand. He’s grasping it firmly. She squinted at it. It looks familiar for some odd reason.

Diopside: Baryte has collected the other gems that Hemimorphite had with her.

GSS: Hm… In what way has she betrayed us?

Diopside: She revealed our plans to them and then attacked Seraphite. Cheaply, I might add.

GSS: I say we crush her gem then.

GSS and Diopside have cold looks, but Rosa is just shocked that they’d even consider crushing a gem and killing it. Her pupils shrunk and she reached out her right hand as far as she could go without touching the yellow frame.

Rosa: DON’T!

Diopside smirks and leans in to the yellow frame. He glares at Rosaline. He starts crushing Hemimorphite’s gem as Rosa looks in horror.

Diopside. Beg. Now.


Diopside smiles and stops. A yellow gem races to the scene of the screaming. She watches from afar, shocked. She notices the blue gem in Diopside’s hand, her face full of regret. She mouths sorry to Rosa, but Rosa shakes her head slowly and angrily.

Diopside: That’s better.

Diopside turns to the control panel that activates and deactivates the cell door and started pressing buttons. Rosaline couldn’t see what he was doing, but that didn’t concern her. She’s still shocked that Diopside was about to crush Hemi’s gem. The door opens, and Rosa is about to escape, but then she realizes that Green Star Sapphire was still glaring at her. Rosa hesitated to move. Diopside threw Hemi’s gem into Rosa’s cell, and Rosa caught it in panic, holding it carefully. Diopside shuts the door quickly and walks to where Kyanite is, Sapphire following him.

Diopside: Kya, about that dinner date at Diaspore’s Diner…

His voice fades away as he walks farther away, but a tall man in red and black approaches the cell door. He crouches down and smiles at Rosaline. She doesn’t smile back, still holding Hemi’s gem safely. He tilts his head a bit.

Seraphite: Aww… You care about her!

Seraphite frowns.

Seraphite: Gross…. You’re BOTH gross.

Rosaline glares at him with an angry frown.

Rosa: Psycho!

Seraphite: Why thank you.

Seraphite stands up from his crouching position and looks down upon Rosa. She looks up at him. They both give each other cold looks. The yellow gem still watches from afar, unsure of what to do. Suddenly, a blue gem with pink hair and blue skin, who happens to be in a Yellow Diamond Uniform, walks towards the yellow gem. He’s holding a giant bubble full of gems.

Seraphite: I take pride in my work, you know. Any insults just make me happy at what I do.

Seraphite walks off in the direction Diopside and Sapphire walked in. The yellow gem has shifty eyes, looking to her left and to her right. No one in sight. Murmurs are coming from the other hallways, but that isn’t her concern. She ran quickly to Rosa’s cell. Rosa was confused, but she was sure as Hell she wasn’t going to trust this Homeworld Gem. The yellow gem whispers to her.

Chryso: Hey…! I’m Chryso… Sorry about what-

Rosa: Sorry? You’re one of them.

Chryso: B-but I’m not actually-

Rosa: You don’t care about me. Homeworld cares for no one.

Rosa turns away in disgust. The pink haired gem approaches her.  He waves hi, Rosa turning her eyes for a second, but darting them away from Chryso and the blue gem. He whispers to Rosa.

???: I care about you….

Rosa is surprised by this and turns to them.

Rosa: Y-you both care about me? Is…. Is this some kind of joke?...!

???: No, no..! Listen to us… We’re-

Chryso: We’re rebels…! We’re here to hijack the ship, rescue the prisoners and-

Baryte: Name’s Baryte, by the way…!

Chryso looks at Baryte with a really? right now? kind of face. Baryte raises an eyebrow. The turn back to Rosa. Rosaline leans in and starts whispering as well.

Rosa: Wait, so you’re gonna save us?.. Save me?...!

Chryso: Yes, but try not be loud…! There’s security all over this ship…!

Chryso and Baryte look up to see the security cameras scanning the hallway. Rosa looks at the camera as well, then they all proceed to look and talk with each other. Rosa looks at the giant bubble full of gems that Baryte is holding.

Rosa: Are those-

Chryso: Yes, those are the prisoners’ gems… We had to use our gem destabilizers for the job…

Baryte: They knew what we were doing, so it’s cool…

Rosa: Ah, I see….

Suddenly, the gem in her hand starts glowing, even though it’s cracked a bit. Rosa puts the gem on the ground quickly and steps away from it. Chryso and Baryte stand a few steps back as well. Hemi’s gem hovers over the ground a bit as she reforms. White glowing figures are seen, changing. It stops changing and Hemi stops glowing. She has long blue hair with lighter blue streaks through it. Her gem is on her right knee and is not faceted. She gets on her knees to breathe. Since her gem is cracked, Hemi seems to have only her left arm in use, do to the cracks on her gem.. Rosa gets close to her, Hemi turning to her. Their eyes meet and there’s a brief silence.  Chryso and Baryte just stare.

Baryte: So.. Are you two gonna kiss or-

Chryso slaps Baryte on his right cheek, causing him to fall down.

Baryte: OOF!

He slowly gets back up, rubbing his cheek. Hemi looks at what used to be her right arm, sighing.

Hemi: Whelp, my right arm’s gone. This is great…

Hemi stands up, using her one arm to help Rosa up. They both get up and talk with each other. Rosa notices the yellow diamond on Hemimorphite’s shirt. She’s surprised.

Rosa: Y-you’re part of-

Hemi: Oh, no. I used to be with them, before I figured out what I was doing was janked. Name’s Hemi, by the way.

Rosa: Rosa…. So, you’re a rebel now?

Hemi: Hm.. Rebel… I like the sound of that. I guess I am!

Rosa: Oh, okay.

Hemi: Also, nice eyeballs. The space-y pattern is preeeeetty freaky!

Rosa: Space-y pattern?...

Hemimorphite laughs and scratches the back of her head. Rosa looks at her sparkling hair and her sparkling outfit. She notices her beauty as Hemi dusts off her clothing. She looks up at Rosa.

Hemi: What are you starin’ at?

That was not the voice of annoyance. Hemimorphite sounded a bit flirtatious. Rosa quickly defended herself.

Rosa: O-oh, the cell walls. They’re beautifully crafted and-

Hemi: Sure, sure, whatever.

Hemi loses her flirtatious tone and sounds a bit annoyed. Chryso and Baryte just stare, but then Chryso turns around to look at the security camera against the walls.

Chryso: Aw, you idiots, the security camera probably caught ALL of that!

Baryte: Hey, you were talkin’ about this stuff with us!

Chryso: Why I-

Hemi: Jesus Christ, you people bicker a lot…

Hemi points to the control panel for their cell door.

Hemi: Open it.

Chryso: You idiot! The camera will-

Hemi: Just open it.

Hemi gives Chryso a glare. She squeals and runs to the control panel as Baryte laughs a bit. The yellow frame disappears with Rosa and Hemi running out of it. They all shake hands with one another.

Rosa: Heh, thanks!

Baryte: No problem! It’s what we rebels do.

Chryso: She was talking to ME, stupid.

Baryte: Pssh, yeah right.

Suddenly, Hemi runs and jumps up to the security camera and summons her katana. She slices the camera in half as the other half falls onto the floor, still with electricity flowing through it. It breaks down and starts smoking. The others watch her, impressed.

Hemi: There, no more problem! Easy as that.

Rosa: That was impressive I must say!

Hemi: Why thank you, m’lady.

She bends down and kisses Rosa’s hand jokingly. Rosa blushes a bit and Hemi stands up. She laughs. Eventually, Rosa laughs as well.

Chryso: Look, we’re wasting time! Star’s was told to take control of the ship and we’re about to land. But she’s gonna stop the engines soon, so let’s get moving, damn it!

Hemi: Oh, calm down, we’ll move.

Hemi grabs Rosa’s hand and starts running through the halls. Chryso jumps and shrieks as Baryte stands their, confused.


Chryso grabs Baryte’s hand and chases after them.

Baryte: W-woah!

Hemi and Rosa make it to a stop when they turn the corner, only to see a mysterious giggling figure with a side ponytail and a rather unique uniform, as well as galaxy leggings. She turned around and waved to Rosa and Hemi, who were stepping back, about to run off.

???: Oh, don’t go yet! I’m not gonna do anything?

The girl’s voice sounded very charismatic and a bit annoying. Rosa holds Hemi’s hand when Hemi’s about to run away. Hemi is trying to tug away from her grip, but it doesn’t work.

Hemi: R-rosa, we have to move!

Rosa: Hemi, I think she’s okay! Besides, if she DOES try to murder us, we can take her.

Hemi: … You’re right.

Rosa and Hemi walk up to the mysterious lady. She giggles. She turns to Rosa.

???: Nice leggings!

Rosa: Uh.. Thanks?...

Hemi: Who are you?

Azure: Name’s A-zur-malachite! Just call me Azure though.

Rosa and Hemi inspect her uniform. No diamonds or stars or any symbols of relevance on her uniform and person.

Rosa: You’re not wearing a Yellow Diamond Uniform… Who do you work for?

Azure: Who do I work for? WHO DO I WORK FOR? BWAHAHAHA!

She starts laughing like crazy as Hemi and Rosa just watch her, confused.

Azure: Who-who do I… Okay, I’m good! I’m good now!

Hemi: So… Are you gonna answer her, or-?

Azure: I don’t work for anyone! Not a rebel, not a Homeworld gem; Just a girl that loves travelin’!

She leans to make them uncomfortable.

Azure: Travelin’ dimensions, I mean!

Rosa: Dimensions?....

Azure: You see, Rosa-

Rosa: Wait, how do you know my-

Azure: I can travel through dimensions! When I travel, I leave duplicates of myself in different dimensions! And with every new dimension, I earn new abilities!

Rosa: So.. Are you a duplicate?

Azure: Hah! Nope! I’m the real Azurmalachite, in the flesh!

Hemi: Hm.. That’s interesting.

Rosa: D-do you know how I got here? I’m pretty confused…

Azure: Well, you’re not in the same dimension as before! You’re in a new dimension! A dimension where the Dawn Dusk Gems are dead!

She giggles as Rosa and Hemi stare in shock.

Rosa: W-wait… They’re dead?...!

Azure: Mhm! Kyanite and her crew went over there and assassinated all of them. She was never bubbled and you remained captured! They even killed poor little Jace! Mm… He had so much to live for!

Rosa: Are you SERIOUS?!

Azure: Why would I be joking.

Rosa turns away, holding her head in panic.

Rosa: Jesus, we screwed up…

Hemi: Rosa… Are you-

Rosaline turns to Azurmalachite and gets a lot more assertive.

Rosa: Why would you bring me here?! What’s your plan?!

Azure laughs and steps back a bit.

Azure: Heh, you’re funny if you think I can tell y-

Rosa hooks Azurmalachite in the cheek, making her fall down hard. Hemi laughs. Azure slowly gets up, rubbing her cheek. She looks annoyed.

Azure: All, all right… I’ll tell ya. Just-Just quit with the hooks and the punches and the HIYAAH HIYOOs, alright?

Rosa nods, still angry.

Azure: Okay, let me start here…. You, Rosa, are a Transcendence!

Rosa: Uh-uh wha-?

Azure: So there’s three Transcendences in this multiverse.

Rosa: Yeah?

Azure: And you’re one of them!

Rosa: R-really? I didn’t know I-

Azure: You’re the Transcendence of Space! I’m the Transcendence of Dimensions!

Hemi: What is that supposed to mean?..

Azure: Well, you see, your spacial abilities are preeeetty uncommon! They’re SO uncommon, that you’re the only one with them!

Rosa: R-really? I thought it was just kinda rare that I had these powers.

She looks down at her palms.

Rosa: But I didn’t know I was the ONLY one with them!

She looks back at Azure and Hemi. Azure continues to explain as the ship cools them and glows green lights onto them. Hemi repositioned herself on the cold, green floor.

Azure: That being said.. I am the only one who can travel through dimensions!

Hemi: That’s pretty cool!

Rosa: But wait… If there are three Transcendences, then where’s the third one?...

Azure: O-oh! Well-well you see here, uh… Um…

She scratches the back of her neck.

Azure: I uh… Don’t know who it is?....

Rosa: You.. You don’t?

Azure: Er, no… You see, it’s very hard to find the other Transcendences… The Transcendence of Time isn’t necessarily making herself an easy target. The only way I found you was because you were floating in space. So I took you to this dimension and-

Rosa: Saved me? It didn’t seem like you were saving me at all!

Azure: Hey, would you rather me let you die in outer space with a broken gem?

Rosa feels the back of her gem frantically. She quints, not believing that her gem is still cracked.

Rosa: Ugh, why?...!

Azure: I can fix it!

Rosa and Hemi light up. They look surprised.

Hemi: You… You can?! Can you fix MY gem as well?

She points to her missing arm, then looks back at Azure.

Azure: Sure! I have some Dimensional Glue that will fix your gems right up!

Rosa: Dimensional glu-?

Azure: Don’t question! Just turn around.

Rosa: … If you say so..

Rosa turns around, showing Azure her broken gem. Hemi sticks out her right leg. Azure bends down and summons a glowing glue bottle through her gem. The case is transparent, and the glue is a spacial pattern. She squirts some glue into Hemi’s gem, then she stands up and squirts some into Rosa’s gem. They automatically reform and become normal again! Hemi gets her arm back and Rosa gets back to her normal form. Her eyes are now visible and her true colors show. She looks at Hemi and smiles, Hemi smiling back.

Hemi: Pretty eyes, man.

Rosa: T-thanks…

Rosa blushes, as well as Hemi. Azurmalachite clears her throat to get their attention.

Azure: Want to know WHAT I know about the Transcendence of Time?

Rosa: Yes!

Azure: The only things I know about her are that she has a trapezoid-shaped gem and likes to drink Pumpkin Spice flavored coffee.

Hemi: Huh. That’s oddly specific.

Rosa: Yep.

Azure: Now, how about we get off of this ship now?

Hemi: Sounds like a pl-

Suddenly, Chryso and Baryte came rushing down the halls. They’re panting, Baryte being slower than Chryso. Baryte is still holding the giant bubble full of gems. They stop in front of Azure, Rosa, and Hemi. The three of them look at Chryso and Baryte oddly.

Chryso: S-sorry we couldn't chase you down earlier!

She turns to Baryte.

Chryso: This bozo had to use the restroom!

Baryte: That Iced Tea was TOTALLY worth it…

They stop panting and stand up normally.

Chryso: Okay… Here’s the plan. Someone break through the window when I yell the signal. Star will shut down the engines and she’ll run to us. When we jump out the window, we swim to.. Er…

Hemi: You haven’t thought this through much, have you?..

Chryso looks down in sadness.

Chryso: No…

Rosa: We’ll figure it out once we get out into space.

Everyone nods, but they don’t realize that the control room is at the end of the hall. Out comes Green Star Sapphire, whistling some tune. She notices the the gems speaking meters away from her. She twitches and walks towards them.


They all turn to Green Star Sapphire, who’s about to shoot an energy blast at them. Hemi and the others start to run in the other direction, but Rosa looks serious. She has an angry expression on her face. She starts running towards Green Star Sapphire, summoning her wings. The others are shocked, as well as Sapphire. But it doesn’t phase Sapphire as much as the rebels. She shoots a powerful light energy blast through her gem, but Rosa shields herself with her own wings! They wrap around her, merge together, and form an orb of space. The others are amazed as the energy blast goes into the spacial orb. Once the energy blast stops, Rosa unwraps the wings around her and floats graciously. Her blouse floats and Hemi is blushing because of the beauty of her battle strategy. She floats back down and turns around to her teammates on the other side of the hallway. She signals them over, smiling. They all nod and run towards her,  Chryso shouting.


Sapphire is shocked.

GSS: W-wait, you can’t-

She is then trampled by five gems, causing her to revert back into her gem. When they burst through the control room, they’re approached by Diopside, Kyanite, and Seraphite. Star Sapphire turns around to her fellow rebels and gives them a thumbs up. Diopside and Kyanite turn to Star in shock as Seraphite grrs at the rebels, summoning his cleavers. Seraphite charges at them as Star pulls down a lever to shut off the engines. Kyanite summons her rapier and Diopside summons his brass knuckle knives. Star shrieks.


She crouches down and rolls off of the pilot seat. Kyanite and Diopside accidentally pierce the control panel open. They both stare at each other in regret.

Kyanite: We are screwed.

Diopside: No doubt about that.


Star tackles Seraphite before he can throw his cleavers at the rebels.

Seraphite: H-hey! Get off-a me!

Rosa sees a ring on the counter and decides to put it on. It's grey with magenta markings on it. She thinks it's pretty neat. Chrysoberyl runs to a window and bursts it open. All of the air is exiting the ship through the broken window quickly. Chryso and Baryte get sucked out into space. Diopside and Kyanite both charge at Rosa, but Rosa surrounds herself in her wings again. Diopside and Kya both fall into the spacial orb, screaming and shrieking to get back to the ship. Rosaline unwraps herself from her wings and grabs Hemi’s hand. They jump out the window together. Azurmalachite bops Seraph’s head, causing him to go dizzy and fall down, unconscious. he says a few words before he goes to sleep.

Seraphite: S-south America! Where dreams come true!

He goes unconscious, reverting back into his gem. Azurmalachite takes Star’s hand and jumps out the window as well. They all squirm around in space, together though, fortunately. Hemi flails her arm around. Baryte pops the giant bubble of gems as the start floating around. Chryso slaps Baryte and catches most of them, but one is still floating, and it’s turquoise colored. It starts glowing and reforming into a female-appearing gem with a few robotic attachments. She looks around her to see that she’s wandering around in space. The broken ship crashes into Praelior’s atmosphere. For some odd reason, the gems aren’t affected by Praelior’s gravitational pull.

Baryte: Amazonite!

Ama: Baryte! Woah, it feels weird to be in space…

Hemi, still flailing her arms, is held by Rosa. Rosa is holding Hemi’s hand, making her stop flailing her arms. They both blush. Amazonite uses the robotics in her body to create a big raft for everyone to sit on. Everyone gathers onto the SPACE RAFT and sit down. There appears to be seat belts, so the rebels decide to buckle themselves in.

Star: This is… Really convenient.

Chryso: The overall style of this raft is archaic though. Did you learn design from a caveman, Ama?

Ama: H-hey!

Baryte: Chryso, don’t be a butt!

Chryso: A wah?

Chryso lets all of the gems loose onto the floor. They all regenerate, causing a huge glowing show in the center of the raft. The people regenerating are Jet Lignite, a black-colored gem with a hoodie and a faux-hawk, Sodalite, a gem in a blue gi with his gem on his forehead, Viridine, a lime green gem with long hair and white clothing, and Sandstone, a gem that Mr. Napcakes doesn’t know what he looks like. They all look around themselves in wonder.

Jet: Woah, where the heck are we?

Soda: We’re apparently in space…

Sandstone: Are we close to Earth?

Viridine: Please be close to Earth, please be close to Earth!

Rosa laughs a bit, smiling.

Rosa: Why don’t you all get in your seat belts?

Soda: But of course.

They all get in seats and buckle themselves down to the raft. Amazonite shouts from the bottom of the non-moving raft.

Ama: Is everything okay up there?

Everyone replies yes.

Ama: Okay, good!

Baryte: So… Where are we even going?

Viri: No clue!

Azure: You silly gems have to decide sooner or later!

Azure laughs. Rosaline suggests going to Earth.

Rosa: How about we go to Earth!

Jet: Sure, why not?

Soda: I’d rather not go… Too many memories… Bad memories.

Soda looks down in sadness. Jet pats his back, looking sad along with him.

Star: Yeesh. Drama bomb.

Suddenly, Viridine summons an entire tea set from her gem. It’s odd to drink beverages in space, but that didn’t really concern her. Everyone turns to her.

Viri: Anyone want some of my epic feel-good tea?

Rosa: I’d love tea, thank you.

Soda: I’d like some tea, as well.

Everyone gets a cup of tea and starts sipping. Baryte throws his tea into space, as well as Jet. Rosa sips her tea and smiles at everyone. Baryte looks at her, smiling as well.

Baryte: What’s with the smile, Rosa?

Rosa: I’ve never felt like anyone trusted me, better yet was okay with me being around. This is a nice feeling….

Rosa smiles at Hemi.

Rosa: You guys really care about me.

Hemi smiles back, but she seems to be a bit impatient.

Hemi: This SPACE RAFT isn’t really going anywhere… Is there a way we can go faster?

Rosa: Oh, I have an idea.

Rosa unbuckles herself and goes to the back of the raft. She summons her wings and starts flapping them. The ship starts moving pretty quickly. Hemi smiles and everyone relaxes.

Hemi: Aw, this is better.

Sandstone: Is there any way to go faster?

Viridine: Not too fast, though.

Rosa stops flapping and gets onto the ship. Everyone is surprised.

Sandstone: Uh… The raft isn’t moving.

Rosa walks over to Hemi, sipping her tea. She looks up to Rosa, who has her hand out.

Rosa: Wanna fuse?

Hemi blushes a bit and gulps.

Hemi: Huh? Why?

Rosa starts blushing as well.

Rosa: We’ll get to Earth faster if we fuse. So what do you say?

Hemi smiles, unbuckles her seat belt, and stands up. She holds Rosa’s hand, Rosa pulling her in. They start waltzing through out the somewhat small raft as their gems glow, watching their steps, but enjoying their fusion dance. At the end, they lean towards each other, hesitant, closing their eyes.

Hemi: R-Rosa…?

Rosa: Yes, Hemi?...

Hemi: I…. I….

They share a passionate kiss as everyone watches them phase together. They turn into a slightly taller being with two arms and four eyes. The fusion turns back at the her friends. Everyone is impressed.

Star: Woah.

Baryte: Good thing they didn’t step on our feet while dancing!

Azure: Er, sorry to ruin the moment, “Lavender Chalcedony”, but you kinda gotta go now?

Lavender looks at Azure in sadness.

LC: W-why?

Azure: There’s some trouble on Rise Island. Your little friend Jace is about to get killed back in your dimension!

LC gasps.

LC: T-that’s terrible!

Azure: Find the fourth Arcelian. The Dawn Dusk Gems already found the third. It's your turn to find the fourth.

LC: Azure... I-I don't understand...

Azure: I’ll teleport you, Rosa, and Rosa only to her dimension. Hemi has to stay here.

LC: B-but I WANT to go with Rosa!

Azure: Sorry, but that’s the way it’s gotta be!

LC sighs and looks out into space. They’re close to Earth, surprisingly.


Everyone starts clapping as Lavender Chalcedony feels the spacial breeze. She hums a song together as Azurmalachite starts using her dimensional abilities on them.

LC: I-I love you...

She sheds a tear.

LC: I love you too…

There’s a white flash, and Rosa was gone. Hemi sat on the edge of the raft. She’s crying, but she smiles in the end.

Hemi: It was good to know you, Rosa...




  • Hemimorphite's Gem
  • A Whole Lotta Peoples' Gems
  • Space Raft (Which is really just Amazonite shapeshifted)


  • Gem Warship


  • This is the third crossover episode of Dawn Dusk Gems.
    • This crossover, unlike the others, is canon.
  • This is the second time Rosaline fuses.
    • This is also the first time she enjoys being fused.
  • Azurmalachite explains the concept of the Transcendences.
    • Azurmalachite is the Transcendence of Dimensions and Rosaline is the Transcendence of Space.
    • It is unknown who or where the Transcendence of Time is.



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