The opening theme for Paroo Fandom has the exact same song, however, different things happen.

Original Theme: My theme:

Shows the gems with stage lights Shows the gems singing in their rooms.(similar to the real-life pilot)

Shows them warping away Shows them all acting serious,and suddenly acting crazy,Garnet pulls a chainsaw out

They all jump off The Temple.

Greg driving with Steven. Amethyst driving horrifically inside the flying gem car,along with Garnet and Steven.

The Crystal Gems saying their names. The same,but in a different way.

The Theme Song in Dutch (JFF)

It's weird,the theme song is actually good in Dutch,and actually sounds like a theme song:

Wij zijn de kristallen edelstenen We zullen altijd de dag te redden En als u denkt dat we dat niet kunnen We zullen altijd een manier vinden Dat is de reden waarom de mensen van deze wereld, geloven in Granaat, Amethist en Pearl en Steven!

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