Onyx is a gemsona created by me, WeirdHetaliaFan.


Name: Onyx

Gemstone Location: On her back, like Lapis.

Gender: Genderless, like all gems.

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers/Herself

Species: Gem

Occupation: Enemy

Friends: Even though they weren't on the best of terms, she's warmed up to the Homeworld Gems (except for Lapis).

Neutral: Lapis, citizens of Beach City.

Enemies: All of the Crystal Gems.

Parents: None.



Onyx has light grey skin, with dark black spikey hair. Her hair is styled with her bangs being three spikes on the right (left if you viewed it on a computer screen), one big spike on the top left corner of her head, and two spikes on the left side of her head pointing down. Her eyes are all black, with white highlights. She wears a shredded white crop top with a strap on the right side that has "ONYX" written on it. It dips down in the back to make room for her gem. She wears simple black jeans, and simple black sneakers. She has bandages on each of her hands.


TBD (To Be Designed)


Onyx is very cold, and not very friendly. She's very evil, often lying and doing bad. If you mess with her, she won't forgive you, and will most likely try to kill you. Yeah. She's that bad. She hates anything cute, and can't feel much positive emotions. No one knows what happened to her, as she wasn't always like this. She is, however, very strong, and rarely gets beat.....up until recently. She's a pretty good planner.


  • Can summon her mace from her gem.
  • Can seperate things.



Unbeknownst to Jasper (and everyone else), Onyx has a crush on Jasper, which made it even worse when they rejected her application to join the Homeworld Gems. She hasn't seen Jasper much recently, and when she does see her, they just quickly look at each other.


Onyx has always found Peridot to be annoying with her high-pitch voice, and honestly doesn't care about her. When she applied to join the Homeworld Gems, Peridot just made a "stank face" at her and walked away.


Feels like she's too weak, and needs to toughen up and do her job.


Is annoyed to NO END by Pearl and her "do everything right" attitude.


Also annoyed by her and her recklessness.


HATES her and her stoicness.


Could care less about him, to be honest.


Ever since she " betrayed" Onyx, Onyx has declared her a enemy and swore to defeat her once and for all.


To be honest, Onyx was always annoyed by Sunstone and her cheerfulness. She was glad when the team broke up, because she wouldn't have to see "that annoying pest" again.


Doesn't really care about her, as she was always too quiet to talk to.

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