Onyx is a future character to appear in Celebration Fandom. She also appears in The Original Crystal Gems.


Onyx is a gem that, heightwise, goes to Lapis's shoulders. She wears a black dress that ends 5 inches below her hips. The dress is held up by a strap/loop thingy that goes around her neck. Her dress has no designs. She has diamond shaped cutouts by both sides of her waist, revealing two black, rhombus faceted gems. Her hair is in two pigtails. She wears a pair of knee-high boots. Her skin is black. Her weapons are a pair of hammers.




Onyx has the usual abilities of a normal gem. She her unique abilities still yet have to be seen.

Relationships (Celebration Fandom)


Relationships (The Original Crystal Gems)


Trivia (General)

  • Her hammers are similar to Thor's hammer, from Thor.

Trivia (Celebration Fandom)


Trivia (The Original Crystal Gems


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