One of the Family
Season 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date July 6, 2015
Written by DMO2
Directed by DMO2
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None Arrival on Earth
One of the Family is the first episode of the first season of The Others


Blue Topaz and Pink Tourmaline first meet on Homeworld.


Narrator: On the homeworld of the gem species, there were four rulers. They were known as the Diamonds, and each ruled over their own factions. However, ever since the Gem War, only three remained.

There is not only factions on Homeworld, there were also gem families. These families were superpowers on Homeworld, and worked very closely with the Diamonds. The most-known family, however, was the Topazes.

(cut to Blue Topaz walking down a hallway on a ship, looking at a holo-pad)

Blue: Yes, check, check, every thing is ready.

(He rounds a corner and walks into the bridge)

Blue: Everything is up to stats.

(The figure on the bridge turns around, revealing to be Imperial Topaz)

Imperial: Excellent. (pause) You know, I never understood why you would choose to be a technician of all things.

Blue: That doesn't mean I don't know how to fight!

Imperial: (sigh) Topazes were not bred to be technicians Blue, we were bred to be warriors.

Blue: (defensively, looks up from holo-pad) Beg pardon, but I would rather not take the lives of others!

Imperial: (annoyed) I honestly do not know what Topazolite was thinking, letting you take part in this mission.

(Blue leaves the bridge, a tad upset. He walks towards the engine room, only to find another gem there)

Blue: (surprised, summons his sword and points it at the stranger) Who are you and why are you here?!

The Gem: (jumps in fright, but regains composure) I could say the same to you. I'm Pink Tourmaline, and you are..?

Blue: Blue Topaz (sword disappears) What are you doing here? This is a Topaz mission. If Imperial finds you, she'll-

Pink: Do you know what you'll be doing on Earth?

(Blue, confused, shakes his head)

Pink: I am here because I need to get away from Homeworld. What they are doing to planets like Earth, it's just horrible!

Blue: What do you mean?

Pink: You'll be reactivating... a Kindergarten.

Blue: So what?

Pink: Kindergartens suck the life out of planets just to create gems, everyone on Earth will die if it starts up again!

Blue: How do you-

Pink: Come with me.

Blue: What?

Pink: We can stop this, I heard you say you don't want to be the cause of others' deaths, we just need to get to Earth before this ship does.

Blue: It would take a while for the ship to get there, and the escape pods are faster.

Pink: Then let's go. (determined smile)

(Cut to Imperial and another gem, Sherry Topaz, on the bridge, when the sound of an escape pod launching can be heard)

Imperial: What was that?

(They both look outside the ship and see an escape pod leaving.)

Imperial: Ugh. (raises left arm to contact Blue through the wrist comms.) Blue, we have a stray pod. (pause) Blue, come in!

(Cut to Pink and Blue inside the pod)

Blue: Earth, here we come!

Pink: (smiling) So much for being one of the family, right?

Blue: Right.



  • The airing for this episode was delayed due to the writer being busy on the original date.
  • Sherry Topaz was a character created last minute and will be seen again in a future episode.

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