This is the 19th episode of the Legend of Sapphire series.


Amber has returned to Beach City and with much on the lined, the Brothers and the Gems must trust two allies who were at first arch-enemies.


The episode starts of with Garnet and Emerald outside doing some sparring practice for battle. Garnet wanted to make Emerald a little distracted during the practice to Garnet began by summoning her weapons in an attractive way. Emerald began to blush but still continued to stay focused for the fight as they began. Garnet began to fight in an aluring display which did make Emerald lose his focus from Garnet's beauty but he still continued to stay strong. Emerald decided to pull a sneaky trick in order to get Garnet off guard, so he pretended he was completely distracted by Garnet. Garnet then slowly began to walk closer but at the right moment, Emerald sweeped Garnet off of her feet and pinned her down showing that he won the match. The two laugh a little and then begin to kiss which is interrupted when Carnelian decides to spray them with a squirt gun that Amethyst gave him. The two split apart and Emerald was furious that he ruined the moment for them which eventually lead him to chase down Carnelian. Garnet watched and began to giggle from how amusing it was watching Emerald chase down Carnelian. As Carnelian ran past Garnet, she managed to catch Carnelian and threw him across the beach. Emerald stopped running and told Garnet he was sorry that Carnelian ruined the moment for them but Garnet didn't care and kissed him again. The two then see a space pod land on the beach with what appeared to be two gems inside but they didn't know who it was at the moment. The hatch opened and out of the pod comes Jasper and Peridot who have finally returned to Earth. Onyx, Amethyst, Pearl, Sapphire, Steven, and Lapis came out and see the two gems coming out of their pods for battle. Onyx remembered the first time he fought against Jasper and Peridot and reminded Peridot that she made a promise to not return. Peridot suddenly remembered and stated that she was just following orders from Jasper which got him a bit annoyed. Jasper was furious and told Onyx that he had no control over Homeworld and that he should have never ruled it in the first place which got Amethyst agitated. Jasper then summons her helmet stating that she wants to end this once and for all but before she could, a ship decended from the sky.

It was very same ship that Amber arrived on Earth with that decended from the sky once again. The ship landed on its beach and Jasper looked at this giant ship remembering who it belonged to which made her have second thoughts on beating the Crystal Gems. When the hatch of the ship opened came out Amber, Tiger Eye, and a grand army of dragon soldiers to back them up. Onyx demanded Amber to state their business on Earth and Amber told them that they are here to finish of what they started a while ago. Jasper scolded at Amber to leave this planet however Amber didn't listen to her and demanded the soldiers to attack Jasper first. The soldiers swarmed in on Jasper but Jasper gave a good fight against them with her combat skills. However there were too many of them which began to overwhelm her in battle. Onyx noticed this and without thinking he did something he thought he would never do. He fought alongside with Jasper in battle which made them literally unbeatable when it came to fighting against the soldiers. Jasper was shocked that Onyx would help her after their fight in the Kindergarten but she was glad he could help and even thanked him for it. Amber was shocked to see this and decided that if she and Tiger Eye wanted to beat them, they needed to fuse together. She demanded to Tiger Eye to fuse and without hesitation, he began to dance. Both Tiger Eye's and Amber's gems began to glow and soon in a bright light, the two begin to fuse into one. The fusion was massive, standing three times the size of Garnet, overlooking all of the gems bellow. They grew a little frightened by this but they knew they had to stand their ground against this titan-like fusion, Tourmaline. The fusion summoned Tiger Eye's fire claws and Amber's fire gauntlets creating a magnificant set of flamed battle claws for battle.

They summoned their weapons and engaged into battle against the fusion. Lapis and Steven both worked together by Lapis carrying Steven as they fly into the air in an attempt to attack from the sky. It seemed to distract the fusion at first but it managed to swatted them to the ground of the beach, making them unable to get back into the air. Sapphire and Pearl both worked together with their ice magic in order to find a way to stop the fusion in their tracks but this one was able to break through the ice and continue its path. Garnet and Emerald both used their life magic in an attempt to tangled the fusion but it was too strong to stop it. Both Amethyst and Onyx used their dark magic in order to try to do some damage to it but it was just too powerful to take any damage from the shots. Jasper and Peridot both used defenses from the pod in order to do some heavy firepower but the fusion managed to destroy the pod but thankfully, Jasper and Peridot got out. It was too strong for them to battle individually but Onyx began to realize something. If they want to stop them, they have to work together, not as individuals but as a single unit. He tells them about his idea to work together which at first they weren't willing to listen to but they realized they had no choice. They charged at equal times and continued to attack the fusion like they did but this time as a team instead of individual groups. With this teamwork, they had able to manage to weaken the fusion from its full power and even damaged this titan-like gem fusion. The fusion soon broke apart and the two gems now seperated try to retreat from the fight before things could get worse. They see the ship left and the Gems now celebrate their victory over the fusion. Jasper and Peridot thanked the Gems for helping them and even told them that they made a great team during their fight. The Gems agreed to this and then Garnet asked something she thought she would ever ask to them. She asked if they wanted to join the Crystal Gems and both agreed to this and were welcomed into the Crystal Gems which ends the episode.


  • Steven
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Garnet
  • Amethyst
  • Pearl
  • Onyx
  • Ice Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Carnelian
  • Jasper
  • Peridot
  • Amber
  • Tiger Eye
  • Dragon soldiers


  • This episode is dedicated to neon clovers for being one of the top two for user of the month of May.
  • Jasper and Peridot join the Crystal Gems.
  • Amber plans on attacking the gems but is ordered not to harm Steven.
  • This is the first time that Jasper and Peridot fight along side with the Crystal Gems and the Brothers.
  • Onyx is shown to have a bit of a grudge with Jasper.
    • Mainly because of their fight in the Kindergarten in the episode Love in Darkness in the Legend of Onyx series.

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