Okay, What Now?
Hello Earth! Ep 1 Title Card
Season S-S1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date May 31st, 2015
Written by Mr. Napcakes
Directed by Mr. Napcakes
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"Okay, What Now?" is the 1st episode of the first side-series in Dawn Dusk Gems, Hello Earth!


Three Kindergarten gems ditch their creators and set out to fulfill their said destinies.


Crashing. The sky is grim and grey, but a beam of green light can be seen in the sky, resembling a shooting star. But it was falling down towards the dead canyon. Sounds of immense speed can be heard as the mysterious object crashes down into the desolate land. As expected, the sphere crashes into a grim and eerie canyon with unsettling holes everywhere, top to bottom. The mysterious pod crashed into a Kindergarten. When it crashed, the pod created a gigantic crater, forming a green diamond shaped design with smaller triangles and diamonds inside it, varying in tints and shades of green. The pod appeared to be broken. Suddenly, the pod started shaking. It shook faster. Then faster. Then even faster. Eventually, the pod opened, and smoke erupted from inside the pod, as well as a fairly tall figure with green skin and white tattoos. She fixed her hair and dusted off her clothing. She stepped out of the crater, coughing. Her gem is scratched.

GSS: Ugh, those idiots! Do they realize what they’ve…

She coughs again. But before she finishes her statement, she realizes where she was. She looks around her, noticing all of the holes and the injectors around her. She smirks.

GSS: Actually, they’ve done me a favor.

She walks around, looking at all of the abandoned and non functioning injectors. Then, she stops at certain spot.

GSS: Hm…

She stomps once or twice.

GSS: I’m gonna need a plug robonoid for this…

Luckily for her, Green Star Sapphire’s visor wasn’t damaged during the crash and is still working. She contacts another red gem, but it wasn’t Almandine. Several seconds pass, but the gem answers in video. The background of the answering gem’s location has lots of voices talking at once, with technological sounds like ringing, calling, and electrical wiring. The answering gem looks serious, but Sapphire looks happy.

???: Sapphire, is that you?

GSS: Scarlet! Thank God, I was able to call you.

The lady gem on her visor is Scarlet Emerald. She’s happy to see Sapphire, and so is Sapphire to see her.

Scarlet: How did the mission go?

GSS: Horribly.... Those imbeciles destroyed the ship and we all had to use our escape pods to get away. Unfortunately, I’ve lost track of Kyanite.

Scarlet looks surprised.

Scarlet: Are you okay?

GSS: I’m completely fine, darling. Now… I need to ask a favor.

Scarlet: What is it?

GSS: Would you care to send a plug robonoid to my location on Earth?

Scarlet: Of course. Let me just navigate through some menus…

Scarlet looks at multiple places on her screen, but when stares at one particular area, her eyes widen a bit.

Scarlet: You’re at a Kindergarten?

GSS: Yes… I plan to reactivate it. We have to finish what we’ve started, won’t we?

Scarlet smiles.

Scarlet: Smart idea. I’ll send a plug robonoid to you in a second…

GSS: Alright, thanks.

Scarlet: Hey, um… When you get back to Praelior, would you care to go on that date we planned?

Sapphire smirks.

GSS: At the Diorite Diner? Why of course. I’ll simply wait for Lady Pyrope and the members of her political party to come and pick me up.

Scarlet: Good. See you then, Sapph.

GSS: Likewise.

The call ends and Green Star Sapphire sits on the cold rocky floor. She decides to contact Almandine and Star Lemon Quartz, and she does so. The both answer and appear on her visor.

GSS: Good god.. Where are you two idiots?..!

Almandine: I actually have no idea… I think I’m at some sort of grassy plain.

Star: I’m at somewhere misty… I hate it! I hate it!

GSS: Ugh, stop complaining you brat.

Star: Hmph!

GSS: I just wanted to check if you guys were still active. You guys have important jobs back on Praelior.

Almandine: Well we aren’t gonna get home anytime soon! We’re stranded.

GSS: Listen before you make assumptions, idiot. Lady Pyrope and the members of her political party are going to pick us up in a couple of weeks.

Star: I can’t last that long in this pile of rock!

GSS: I know it’s going to be hard, but we all have to deal with it.

Almandine: Okay… Wait, where are you, Sapphire?

GSS: I’m at the Kindergarten. Scarlet’s sending me a plug robonoid right now, actually.

Almandine: Nice!

GSS: Oh, and I think it’s coming now. Bye, you two.

Almandine: Smell ya later.

Star: I’m still mad at y-

She hangs up and waits a full half hour and the plug robonoid arrives. A boom! sound is heard in the sky, and Sapphire turns to it, faced upward. The plug robonoid crashes into an empty rocky area and creates a crater. The marble robot climbs out of its crater and goes towards the spot where Green Star Sapphire is standing, and she steps out of the way. The giant plug robonoid turns into a square pyramid and inserts itself into the now glowing green ground. Once it inserts itself, Green Star Sapphire stands on the base of the pyramid as it takes her underground. The tunnel as green wires nearly everywhere, but they aren’t glowing because they weren’t activated. She made it to Facet 17 and stepped towards a dim green hexagonal room. She steps towards a hand pedestal as a small robonoid walks over to it and activates the room. Everything starts to glow and Sapphire’s visor starts glowing as well. Suddenly, two gigantic ceramic hands emerge from the walls of the hexagonal room. Green Star Sapphire moves her own hands, causing the ceramic hands to go where she wants them to. She activates the Kindergarten by plugging the hands inside 10 holes. She twists the hands and waits for a few seconds. The room turns blue and a shaking sound is heard from above. She smirks and leaves.

GSS: Well, that was easier than I expected.

She makes it to the surface of the Kindergarten. For some reason, only one injector seems to be active. It climbs on the side of the canyon, tiny pebbles falling down as it walks. The drills on the bottom of the injectors drill a hole in the canyon and fills it up with red liquids. Suddenly, a figure rolls out of the hole and falls to the floor. She struggles to get up. She fixes her hair and looks around, frightened. Green Star Sapphire walks up to her.

???: W-where am I?

GSS: You’re at the Kindergarten on Earth, a creation hub for Homeworld Gems, as well as other Gem-Controlled planets.

???: G-gems?

GSS: Yes, that’s the name of our species. We serve Yellow Diamond.

???: Yellow Diamond?

GSS: She’s our leader… I’ll tell you more about Yellow Diamond later… Enough questions!

???: B-but…. I don’t even know-

GSS: Your name?

Sapphire checks her visor and scans the frightened gem.

GSS: Hm… Apparently, your name is Galaxite.

Galaxite: Galaxite… I-I like that name….

GSS: Now, change your uniform to look like mine.

Galaxite: B-but, do I copy exactly your uniform or-

GSS: Now, damn it!

Galaxite, frightened, shapeshifts her clothing on and appears to have a Yellow Diamond uniform on. She wears galaxy leggings and short dress.

GSS: Now, go wait over there as I talk to the new gems about to be created.

Sapphire points to a certain area with many boulders blocking her view. She seemed like she just wanted Galaxite out of her way.

Galaxite: M-miss, I’m not sure if-

GSS: Get going!

Galaxite runs off behind the boulders and starts to tear up. She doesn’t like yelling. Suddenly, another gem pops out, female. Then, another gem pops out, male. They stand up and walk over to GSS. The female looking gem starts talking.

???: Er… Who are you?

GSS: I’m Green Star Sapphire. And your name is… Snowflake Obsidian.

The male looking gem starts speaking.

???: What’s my name?

GSS: Your name is…. Howlite.

Snow: Well, I want my name to be Snow! Snowflake Obsidian is a bit of a mouthful…

Howl: I like Howl better… Yeah, I’ll go with Howl.

GSS: Ugh, whatever…

Snow: So what do we do now? I’m kinda bored.

Howl: Yeah, me too.

GSS: Ergh… I forgot how irritating this job was…

Sapphire looks them in the eyes.

GSS: This is Earth. We have to conquer it for our leader that we serve, Yellow Diamond.

Snow: Ooh, she sounds cool!

Howl: She the queen or something?

GSS: I’ll tell you more later… Now, change your outfit to look like mine.

Snow: Hm… The diamond looks cool, I keep that, but…

Howl: That should be on the back of the uniform, not the front…. Doesn’t look cool if it’s on the front.

GSS: Are you giving me fashion critique?...!

Snow: Sounds like it!

Snow and Howl both laugh as Galaxite cries quietly behind the rocks. Sapphire is getting angrier.

GSS: Change now, you imbeciles!

Snow: Alright! Alright! Yeesh, you’re so rude! Can you believe this girl Howl? She’s so rude!

Howl: Yeah, rude!

They both change into Yellow Diamond uniforms, but they appear to be a bit more unorthodox than what Homeworld would expect them to wear. Snow has a scarf and skirt, and Howl has a biker jacket. Sapphire sighs.

GSS: I suppose that’ll do… Stand over there.

She points towards the big boulders.

GSS: I need to register your info into the Praelior citizen database.

Howl: Okie dokes.

Snow and Howl run over to the boulders, and as they’re running, they talk.

Howl: Hey, about about we run outta here?

Snow: Wha?

Howl: She’s a meanie. I don’t like her… Do you like her?

Snow: No, she’s a meanie!

Howl: Yeah, I know.

Snow: You know what? Let’s run away! She’s a meanie!

Howl: That’s a great idea!

Snow: High five!

They high-five each other and now they think they’re awesome. Their smiles break, however, when they see Galaxite crying, arms around her knees. Snow tries to comfort her, but in a voice that sounds like she’s talking to a puppy.

Snow: Aw, are you okay?

Galaxite shakes her head no.

Snow: Are you crying because of the mean lady?

Galaxite nods.

Snow: Well, we’re getting outta here. Wanna come with us, BFF?

Galaxite wipes her tears when she hears this.

Galaxite: B-BFFS?

Snow: Yeah, we’re BFFs now! We ALL are!

Howl: Really?

Snow: Yeah!

Howl: Awesome!

Galaxite stands up and smiles. She hugs Snow tight.

Snow: Aw, you’re a hugger!

She pats her back and they stop hugging.

Snow: Okay, now.. Let’s run!

Howl: Wait… What are we gonna do once we run away?

Snow: Hm…

They stand there thinking as Green Star Sapphire continues to navigate through her visor. The injector stops functioning and falls, unfortunately for Sapphire. She runs away from the crash and gets angry.

GSS: Ugh.. Why?!

The new BFFS don’t notice this, however.

Snow: OOH! OOH!

She starts jumping up and down.

Howl: What? What?


Howl: That’s a GREAT idea!

Galaxite: I-I guess so…

Howl: That way, we don’t have to listen to that green meanie!

Snow: She’s a mean lady!

They all nod and run up a cliff that leads to a forest, until they’re spotted by Green Star Sapphire.

GSS: Gemstone placement, uh, wait… I need to take a look.

She walks over to the boulders, only to see that the newly created gems weren’t there. Shocked, she looks around and discovers them running up a cliff. She’s furious and is ready to attack. The gems kept running up the cliff as Sapphire tries to shoot them with energy blasts, but her gem is still scratched from the fight against Larimar and Lucia.

GSS: Ugh, that stupid tiger....! Stop, you three!

Snow: Goodbye mean lady, hello Earth!

They’re out of sight and Sapphire’s fatigued. She pants and pants. She stands up straight and quickly contacts Almandine.

Almandine: You called?

GSS: Get them...

Almandine: Wh-what?..! Who?!

GSS: The three newly created Kindergarten gems! I just registered them in… Go after them!




  • GSS's Escape Pod
  • GSS's Visor
  • Injectors
  • Plug Robonoid
  • Flask Robonoid


  • Kindergarten
  • Praelior (Mentioned)
    • The Diorite Diner (Mentioned)


  • It is revealed that Green Star Sapphire is considered a lesbian, since she seems to be in a relationship with Scarlet Emerald, another female appearing gem.
  • The Kindergarten is reactivated in this episode.
    • It's also broken in this episode! Wowzers.
  • This takes place right after the Season 1 Finale, Stronger Than You Think.
    • Evidence of this can be when GSS crashes down into the Kindergarten.
    • More evidence can be that Star Lemon Quartz is still alive in this episode.


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