Obsidian's casual wear

Anime kid

Obsidian as a kid with his cloak that he kept forever

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Obsidian's Gem

Obsidian is the main character of Steven Universe: The Lost Gems. He is the brother of Ammolite and Steven's godfather.
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He was made on the kindergarten and was Amethyst's only friend. During the rebellion he met his brother Ammolite and joined the Crystal Gems. After Steven was born he disappeared. After his disappearance he started earth age and was 17 at his return. He is cy​​urrently Aquamarine's boyfriend and second in command of the Virgo Gems. He currently resides in Beach City working at Pyro's Pancakes where everyone thinks he is human. He is also the Husband of Aquamarine, step brother of Jade and the father of Jewel ,New Jade and Jet


Dark-swordsman-in-blue-coat kindlephoto-15556772

Robert at his return after killing blood robonoid

He has the ability to shapeshift, summon a katana and fuse.

Katana: He wields a black katana.

Pyrokenesis: He has the ability to control black fire and normal fire.

Phantom Style: in this mode his mask covers his face, turns white, and breaks in half making him resemble the Phantom of The Opera. His eyes turn purple and includes the word act in some techniques. He also becomes much quicker.
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Phantom Style


  • · He and his brother share a weapon
  • He works as a waiter at Pyro's Pancakes
  • He collects samurai swords which he makes into his weapons 
  • He answers to the name Robert
  • He fused with his brother to make Carnelian
  • His ex-lifetime enemy is Citrine, the leader of The Virgo Gems who he later went to kill but was revived
  • He is possibly insane evidenced by when he destroyed 3/4 of the Homeworld just because Jasper looked surprised making his eyes turn red and his body shake violently
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    Citrine at her revival

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Obsidian and Ammolite's weapons

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