Obisidian is the fusion of Pearl and Calim . She appear in The Stupid Gem


Obisidian is tall like Opal, she have a dark purple skin and 4 arms. Calim's clothes are covering all the skin (excluding arms and feet) and shee have an spiky dark skirt. Her hair is long and dark, with eletricity of Calim's hair. Her star is localized in skirt.

Personal Information

name: Obisidian

gender: sexless

gender pronun: female

species: Gem Fusion, Gem

Friends: Crystal Gems

enemies: Marble Robots

first appearence: The Stupid Gem


  • Summon a weapon (bow and spears being arrows)


  • Calim got more intelligence in Obisidian form, saying that "how I not thinked about this? problably because of Pearl's intelligence"
  • She was the first fusion to appear in LB Fandom

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