Obsidian is the main antagonist of the Steven Universe movie: wrath of Obsidian


Obsidian was a Gem whom fought monsters independently that threatened humanity. He was soon recruited by the crystal gems to go on magical adventures. Long afterwards, he fell in love with Rose Quartz. Rose left him because of his sadistic personality. Feeling betrayed, he turned against his former allies. He was changed into three Obsidians and they were bubbled separately. Years after, at the temple in Beach city, Steven accidentally releases one of his Obsidians which reaches out for the other two and frees them. He then tries to kill Steven but flees afterwards. The Gems set out to find him and return his gems to the temple

Appearance Obsidian wears a Jester like outfit that is completely black. His skin color is dark gray. He also has three Obsidians which are located in both of his shoulders and chin which he uses to summon three axes, two which he uses with his hands and one that hovers above his head which he can use as a projectile .

Abilities Obsidian has all the same powers as the Crystal Gems such as summoning weapons, stretching his arms, and regeneration. His main weapons are three axes. He can withstand more injury since he has three gems

Personality He is referred to as "the opposite of Rose Quartz" because of his sadism. When he was a member of the team, he felt pleasure in the suffering of evil creatures. After his rebellion, his sadism is toward everyone, especially his old teammates. His sadism is manifested into his threats to kill Connie unless Steven comes to him without the gems.


[After being released by Steven accidentally] "Thank you for releasing me. You simple minded zany!" "It has been a long time since I have last seen you three; Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl. Where is Rose? I am dying to see her again" [While talking to Steven remotely] "Hello Steven. You thought you destroyed me? well you were wrong. In fact I have something to show you. [presenting Connie tied up] Oh don't worry, I will let her live, but only if you meet me in the cave outside of Beach city to fight one last time. I should also tell that you must arrive without the Crystal Gems."

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