A Dream is A Wish is the first official episode of Onyx Rising.


The Dream Team faces tragedy when Spinal's gem gets cracked.


It was late in the day. The sun was setting, the families were cooking, and everything seemed good.

At least, until the Monster.

Monster: ROOOOAR! *rampages through the city*

Child: Fwoofy.

Mother: HANNAH GET BACK HERE! *picks up child and runs*


It stopped by a Pizza Place.

Pizza Pat: NOOOO! Not, not my PIZZA PLAAAAACE!!!!!!

Monster: *ignores and lunges*

Pizza Pat: GAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!

A huge hammer suddenly whacked the Monster in the face.

Monster: Grr?

Spinal: Sorry, but he ain't on the menu! *punches Monster*

Monster: GRAH! Grrr...

Spinal: ...Nice monster...


Spinal: *turns head* What? I don't see-

She was suddenly slapped by a giant monster hand and flew into the wall. Hard.

Spinal: Ah! Ugh... *she slowly touches her gem* It's cracked...

Citrine: *draws bow* You'll pay for that! *shoots*

Monster: *get's hit* BRAAAH!

She summoned a burst of light and hit the...the THING square on.

MoonStone: How about we call it a Drake?

Sounds good to me.

The gems kept fighting and battling the Drake, until-finally-it dropped to the ground and poofed. A red gem clattered on the sidewalk where it once stood.

Jade: *waves batons* Is everyone ok? Is everyone safe?

People: Yeah...

Citrine: Spinal!

Spinal: Ergh...I'm fine...

MoonStone: *dissipates Sword* Let me see your gem.

Spinal turned around to where her gem was. It was cracked badly. She staggered.

MoonStone: Oh no...

Jade: I finished rounding up the people-OH MY QUARTZ IS SPINAL OK?!

Spinal: *shoots look* I'll be fine! I just gotta-

She suddenly glitched and began talking backwards.

Spinal: ?ko, emit emos rof tesr attog I !heay hO-I saw erehw, yrroS.

Citrine: Uh...

MoonStone: Get her back to The Temple.

Jade: Ok.

Spinal: Noom chum os gniyrrow potS !enif eb ll'I.

Citrine: I didn't understad a single word of that.


  • It's revealed Citrine wields bow and has Photokineses.
  • It's also revealed Jade has batons and Spinal carries a hammer.
  • Moonstone weilds a sword.
  • Spinal talking backwards is a reference to Amythest's side effects when her gem was cracked.
  • This episode is a two-parter.
  • TBA

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