"Now" (Originaly titled "Reflexion", "Ahora" in Latin America) is the first episode of The Cr

Season The Crystal Empire, Chapter 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date TBA
Written by Gabriel Alvarado
Directed by Gabriel Alvarado
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ystal Empire Arc, created by Gabriel Alvarado.

Script (WIP)


-Yes, Quartz, i mean, Steven? Sorry, it's just that i miss her so much.

-Me too, I could only see her once.

-Pearl did too, she always protected her.

-Everyone did. You must admit, my mom was amazing!

-Yes- Copper stops for a few seconds -Yes, indeed. She was.

An akward silence invades the beach.

-Peridot should be ashamed. All the homeworld should be ashamed to what they did to this planet.

-Copper, did any human survive?

Copper looked away into the distance.

-Probably not.



-Steven, please don't.

-I want to see Pearl. I want to see Amethyst, Garnet, mom, ANYONE!!!

Copper was shocked at how mad he was.

-...I tought i could protect you. It seems like it's not possible. Go ahead. Using the Time Machine will just get us here again. The death of the gems, humans, and...

Copper gulped.

-See ya in a few years- said Steven, while a little sad to start all over again.



-This is the only episode from The Crystal Empire Arc to not be fully animated yet.

-According to Gabriel, he cried while finishing this episode's script.

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