Nova Gems is a fanon series created by Hamclub13. It follows the Nova Gems on their quest to recover corrupted Gems and those of their lost teammates. It is never explicitly stated where the series takes place, but it is safe to assume the setting is a planet separate to that of Homeworld and Earth (though it is revealed in Season 1B that they inhabit an island on Earth).


Character Bio Debut
Aquamarine is the group's unofficial leader. He is constantly making bad jokes (often at his own expense) and can keep an argument going for hours, along with Topaz. His weapon is a sword which he uses for close-quarters combat. Aquamarine can manipulate water and temperatures, making him a formidable foe. He has rather obvious feelings for Topaz. Topaz's Gem
Morganite (Nova Gem)
Morganite is the most energetic in the group by far. She's filled with energy but has a short temper. You really don't want to get on her bad side. Her weapon is a large hammer which can create shockwaves. Morganite can bend light to her will, creating platforms and the like to assist her. Topaz's Gem
Beryl Nova Gems
Beryl has a serious attitude. She's the master of sass and a bit of a pessimist compared to the others. Her weapon is a shoulder pad which she uses to ram into enemies, much like Jasper's helmet. Beryl can manipulate electricity in various ways. Topaz's Gem
Amber Nova Gems
Amber is Aquamarine's best friend among the Nova Gems. She's sympathetic and kind, though not always the sharpest tool in the shed. Her weapon is a bow and a quiver of arrows. Amber can create clouds to help her. Topaz's Gem
Albite is normally the one to keep the group in check. She's quiet and serious, but intimidated easily. Her weapon is a staff which she levitates. Albite uses telekinesis and ice abilities to attack, allowing for unique attack methods. Topaz's Gem
Topaz had a cracked gem (healed after the events of Healing Spell) and, as a result, has lost his memory. He can talk for hours and is very expressive. However, he doesn't fully trust the Nova Gems. His weapon is a laser blaster with many functions. Topaz's powers are very defensive, being able to create strong bubbles, heal and teleport. Topaz's Gem
Howlite Not much is known of Howlite as of now, other than his name and gemstone. TBA
Lace Agate Not much is known of Lace Agate as of now, other than her name and gemstone. TBA
Labradorite Not much is known of Labradorite as of now, other than his name and gemstone. TBA
Iolite Not much is known of Moonstone as of now, other than her name and gemstone. TBA
Cat's Eye Not much is known of Sunstone as of now, other than her name and gemstone. TBA


Season 1A

Number Name Synopsis
1 Topaz's Gem The gang discover a bubbled gem on top of a mountain and decide to investigate it. It turns out to be the gem of an old friend, Topaz.
2 Healing Spell The Nova Gems set out to find a way to heal Topaz's cracked gem. They are attacked by a Gem monster and it's up to Topaz to save his friends.
3 Others The Nova Gems tell Topaz about their former team members in a hope that he'll remember something.
4 Temple Tour When Topaz's room won't open, he and Aquamarine investigate every room in the Nova Temple to figure out the source of the problem.
5 Gem Rivalry Morganite and Amber get into a fight. When they and Beryl have to go on a mission, things get tense.
6 Cracked We see what happened to Aquamarine, Albite and Topaz during the events of Gem Rivalry.
7 Warped Pads With their Warp Pad broken, the gang are forced to travel to their destination on foot. When they arrive, they find something peculiar.
8 Fusion Guardian When the Nova Gems are trapped in their rooms thanks to an unknown force, it's up to Aquamarine and Topaz to protect the Temple.
9 Fusion Abuse Morganite tries to get Aquamarine and Topaz to fuse again.
10 Homeworld Novas The Gems talk about their lives back on Homeworld.




  • Ciphers appear at the end of each episode

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