This is the fifteenth episode of my series, The Rebellion, and the third episode of season 2.

Season 2, Episode 3
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Air date Unknown
Written by User:LapisL6
Directed by User:LapisL6
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An old friend arrives, with bad news.


[Episode enters with the Gems and Orthoclase sitting on the couch, cramped.]

Turquoise: Can you scooch over?

Topaz: No, Steven is in the way.

Steven: Ortho is taking up the whole couch!

Turquoise hes taking up as much space as you are, Steve

Steven: Don't you dare call me Steve!

Turquoise: [chuckles]

[Suddenly, the Warp Pad starts glowing.]

Steven: Not another plot twist!

[The thing that appears on the Warp Pad is Jade, but hes scratched and bruised all over.]

Turquoise: JADE! We thought your boss killed you!

Jade: Hi, is Orthoclase here?

Turquoise: Wait, what!?

Jade: I was sent to bring Orthoclase back to Homeworld!

Turquoise: How'd you know where he was?

Jade: Blue Diamond put a tracker on him.

Turquoise: You can't take him!

Jade: Thats the thing, he knew he was with you, and if you don't give him Ortho, hes going to attack us, along with the other Diamonds and some of their followers. I'm one of the followers forced to fight, if I don't it will blow my cover, and he'll have me killed...

Turquoise: We can take them!

Topaz, Steven, and Ortho: WE CAN?!

Jade: Each Diamond is bringing its two most loyal followers. Me and Lapis Lazuli are under Blue Diamond.

Turquoise: Lapis! Shes REALLY strong! Who else? I might know some of them! I can plan!

Jade: Okay, if you really want to... Under Yellow Diamond is Peridot and Jasper.

Turquoise: PERIDOT! Shes weak, why would she fight us?

Jade: Because shes their cousin! They have to let her.

Turquoise: Okay, but I know Jasper is really strong, but we could beat him!

Jade: And under White Diamond is Morganite and-

Turquoise: Morganite! I thought we had her!

[He rushed into the temple and into the bubble room, but Hematite and Morganite's bubbles were missing!]

Turquoise: How is that possible!?

Jade: Oh, and yeah Hematite is under White Diamond now, if you haven't heard. I hear she hates Morganite!

Turquoise: Well, I got some strategizing to do!

[And the episode ends with Turquoise rushing into his room.]

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