"New Places" is the First episode of the first season in the series "Shattered Gems".

New Places
New Places (SG)
Season 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date 5-17-2015
Written by AlternateParadox
Directed by AlternateParadox
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Unknown The Beginning Pt.1


Topaz discovers a new warp.


Topaz walks out of their room and onto the beach. It was always lonely when Emerald and Aquamarine were out somewhere. Frankly, half the time Topaz had no idea where they always went. But then something easily caught his eye. It looked like... another warp pad?

Topaz: Well, what do we have here?

Topaz decided to stand on it, and unlike the one by the temple, it was preprogrammed to go somewhere.


Topaz had been warped to somewhere he had no knowledge of, the Galaxy Warp. Once he was there he looked at something that was probably the stupidest thing he had seen within the 10,000 years of him being on earth.

Topaz: What in the world is that?

It was a sticker of a crying waffle.

Topaz: Wow. Just. Wow.

Topaz saw that the Homeworld Warp looked like it was fixed, then broken. He heard a warp start behind him, only to see that it was a gem... an odd one for that matter.

???: Gem Patroller Number 29461, Successful test of Warp 3. Continuing test.

Topaz: I better deal with this.

Topaz summoned his favorite weapon: a hard hitting hammer. A small beeping went off from the gem that warped in.


It turned to Topaz and uprooted a whole chunk of the ground to see him.


Topaz saw that there was almost like a robotic part to the gem. It must be inorganic.

Topaz: Oh no.

Topaz whacked the gem and completely knocked it into the Homeworld warp, destroying it even more.


Before anything happened Topaz had shape-shifted his arm into almost like a dagger, slicing right through the odd gem.


The gem was defeated. Topaz buddled it instantly.

Topaz: Great. Just what we need. Cybernetic Patrol Gem-Bots.

Another warp activated behind Topaz, and to his surprise instead of it being another bot, it was the Shooting Star.

Topaz: I'm dead.

Topaz ran to the warp he came from, right near the Star, and he got in before the Star exploded the Galaxy Warp.

Topaz: -panting- Ugh.

Emerald: What happened to you?

Topaz looked up to see the other two gems, Aquamarine (as he called Aqua) and Emerald (who he had no nickname for), and saw them astounded at the unknown warp behind Topaz.

Topaz: -Cough- Long story.



  • Topaz
  • Emerald
  • Aquamarine (No lines)


  • Inorganic / Cybernetic Gem
  • Shooting Star


  • Cascade Beach
  • Galaxy Warp


  • There are cybernetic gems.
  • Half the time Topaz doesn't know where Emerald and Aquamarine go.
  • None of the gems knew that there was a hidden warp pad behind the temple.

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