New Kid
Season 1, Episode 8
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Air date 6/1/15
Written by NeonClovers
Directed by NeonClovers
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The True Art of Arts and Crafts Adventure!
"New Kid" is the 8th episode of the first season in Gem Fantasies, and is the 8th episode overall.


A human boy finds the gems.


Kyanite and Moonstone were playing checkers out on the shore. Kyanite seem to be winning, but Moonstone had a smile on his face.

Kyanite: Hehehe, i'm gonna win, so i have no idea why you're still smiling.

Moon:*shrugs* Eh, i guess i'm just so happy today. Also, i have something good to say.

Kyanite: R-Really? What is it?

Moonstone suddenly beats Kyanite in one whole move. Moonstone's smile grows bigger, and h looks at Kyanite.

Moon: Congrats for losing, Pal!

Kyanite: You cheated! I want a rematch!

Moon: Sorry Pal, but i won fair, and square!

Moonstone gets up happily, and walks away, leaving Kyanite sitting there, looking at him angriliy. He then gets up, and starts to pick up all of the checker pieces and board, and begins to put them away. Out of the corner of his eye though, he sees a black haired boy, watching him. Aventurine walks up to Kyanite, annoyed.

Ave: What are you doing?

Kyanite jumps back, startled, and turns to look up at Aventurine, who looked angry.

Kyanite: Oh. I'm just picking up a game Moon and I played. Why do you ask?

Ave: you seem to be looking at something. Then you was completely startled when I said something. Are you alright?

Kyanite:'s just..see that kid over there?

Kyanite points in the direction of where the kid is, who is still watching them. Aventurine looked, and and shrugged.

Ave: Yeahhhh? Look, it's just a human. Don't worry about him.

Kyanite: I know but.. he keeps on watching me. Like he's planning to attack us, or like, he's waiting for something.

Aventurine looks over at the boy again, and chill runs up her spine. She grabs Kyanite, and quickly walks inside the temple. They then runs towards the window, and watches the boy from there. Melanite, Moonstone, and Coral noticed from afar, and walked towards them.

Moon: What are you guys doing?

Kyanite: Shhh.

Melanite: Are you guys spying on something?

Kyanite: Shhh.

Coral: C'mon, pleaseeee? what are you guys-


Kyanite: That kid over there seems to be watching the temple. We're spying on it to see what he's gonna do next.

Coral: Oh, that kid? Yeah, i've seen a few times. He keeps on watching the temple or something? It's creepy if you ask me. He lives a block away from here, and everyday he just comes out of his house, and rides his bike here to watch us.

Moon: Maybe he's just a fan of us or somethng. That's nothing to be afraid of!

Kyanite: Ugh.

Kyanite and Aventurine turns back around to see the boy gone! They then back up from the window and look around. All of a sudden, they hear a knock on the door. The gems look towards it, and doesn't move a muscle.

Melanite: Somebody get the door.

Coral: Nuh-uh! I'm already scared enough because of that boy!

Melanite: Somebody needs to open it!

Aventurine and Kyanite shakes their heads no. Coral looked like she was about to scream, while also sneezing at the same time. Moonstone sighs, and walks over to the door. He opens it, and smiles.

Moon: Well hello you Fan! How can we-

The same little boy walks past Moonstone, and begins to look around, amazed. The other gems back away, and just watches from afar.

???: Whoaaa, this place is so cool!

The little boy then looks up, to see a long staircase, and about 3 floors above him. He rushes towards the staircase, and begins to run up it. The gems gasp, and rushes after him.

Ave: He's not supposed to be upstairs! It's forbidden until we find the rest of our team!

Melanite: We have to get him before he goes any farther!

The gems began to run after the boy. He looked around amazed, and stopped at the Middle Floor. He looked at the 3 doors that was on that floor. He one of them were dimmed. The gems followed the boy into the same floor.

Ave:*gasps* This is....

Melanite: He shouldn't be on this floor, and neither should we!

Melanite runs towards the kid, and grabs him. The kid looks, and screams, kicking and squirming to get loose! She and the rest of the other gems walk back down to the main floor, and sets the boy down. Moonstone quickly bubbled him so he wouldn't run off again. They back up, and stare at the kid. Moonstone begins to speak.

Moon: Uh...hi! We see that us..or whatever. So uh....what's your name?

Dylan: My name's Dylan! I love how you guys are organized! Not to mention how big this plac is!

Melanite: That's....err..nice of you.

Dylan: In fact, can i go tell the other guys back in my neighborhood?!

Melanite: What?!

Ave: No kid! We just don't it when our information is out to the world!

Dylan: Oh, ok. Can i atleast hang out with you guys more often?

Melanite looks at Aventurine and the rest. They all look at each other in surprise, and then back at Dylan. He smiles and waves at them happily. Melanite sighs.

Melanite: Eh...yeah..sure, you can hang with us....

Dylan: Yes! Thanks you guys won't regret it!

The gems then pop the bubble they kept Dylan in, and lead him outside of the temple. He smiles at them, and begins to walk away. Kyanite stops him before he completely disappears into the neighborhood.

Kyanite: Hey, wait! Why were you watching us most of the days? You just seem to sit down on the field, and you kinda's creepy.

Dylan: Oh! I wasn't watching you guys! I was watching that strange figure that was behind the temple!

Melanite:..Strange figure??

Dylan: Yeah! It..seems to be a figure of a small kid! Sometimes it would climb the back of the temple, and it would climb inside it. Yesterday, i saw it holding some kind of...object? I dunno, but yeah.

Dylan continues to smile, but the rest of the gems (Except Kyanite)  aren't smiling. They glance at each other, and then back at Dylan. Kyanite gives Dylan a pat.

Kyanite: Ah, well, thanks for answer we needed! See ya tomorrow, i guess.

Dylan: Ah, ok! Bye!

Dylan waves at the gems, and walks away, until he is out of sight. The gems look around.

Moon:...A figure of a kid, that would climb inside the temple??

Coral: That sounds...scary...

Melanite: We need to be on high alert. Just in case.

Ave: Ughh, after what i just heard, i need to go rest. I'm going to that pizza place downtown.

Coral: Oooh! I wanna come along!

Ave: You all can come along..i guess.

Aventurine starts to make her way downtown. The rest begins to follow, but Kyanite walks back into the temple. Moonstone notices and looks curious.

Moon: Where are you going? The Pizza place this way! *points towards the direction*

Kyanite: Oh. I forgot something.

Moon: Ehh...alrighty. Just be sure to catch up with us.

Moonstone goes back to following the gems. Kyanite shrugs, and walks inside the temple. He looks around the temple, until he finds what he was looking for. He grabs it, and begins to walk out. But before he does, he stands still, and stays quiet for a while. Suddenly, laughter could be heard upstairs. It sounds so happy, so innocent, it sounds like a kid's laugh. Kyanite can still still hear the laughter, growing louder and louder. Kyanite smirks, and walks out, to reach the others.


  • This is the first episode to show Dylan.
  • Kyanite smirking could mean that he knows who's laugher that was.

TBA soon.



  • GF Temple
  • Pizza place (Mentioned)



Production Notes

  • This episode was supposed to air May 30th, but had NeonClovers (me) had to postpone it due to being so busy. Sorry!

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